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Rory and Lorelai frantically clean up their house. There are clothes everywhere, which they just shove into closets as Christopher and Sherri arrive. Christopher jokes that Lorelai might not have had enough time to finish cleaning and that Lorelai sped out of the parking lot to beat them home. Lorelai says they love having company. Sherri says the house is great. "Thanks. We like it," Lorelai says. Did that sound snippy to you? Sherri compliments Rory's debating skills. They discuss Paris's debate tactics. Sherri says that Rory is poised and confident just like her father. "And your mom," Christopher adds. "Aw, shucks, Pa," Lorelai jokes. Sherri says that Rory's uniform is very pretty. She adds that Rory probably looks good in anything. "Oh, yeah," Lorelai says. "You should see her in chaps." Sherri doesn't understand that Lorelai's making a joke. Christopher is flirting with Lorelai. Sherri tells Rory that she also went to private school, but that her uniform was red and white so she looked like a giant peppermint stick. I'm so bored I could cry. She says this is why she's now addicted to clothes -- because she's not chained to a uniform. Rory sympathizes. Sherri pounces and says that she and Rory should go shopping for "clothes or whatever." Rory says that would be fine. "Soon, okay?" Sherri says with much desperation. Lorelai leaves to get drinks. Sherri pounces again and demands to help, even though Lorelai tries to talk her out of it. As Lorelai and Sherri walk toward the kitchen, Sherri totally picks her butt. That's so strange. I wonder if that'll be a thing they come back to, or if they just left it in because they hated Mädchen Amick. I mean, why would you show an actress picking out her wedgie unless they wanted us to see and note that?

In the kitchen, Lorelai prattles on about cups and water until Sherri acknowledges that this whole thing is kind of awkward. Lorelai says they're not used to having company, just three minutes after she said the words "We like having company." Lorelai celebrates finding apple juice that hasn't expired. A million words later, Sherri pretty much tells Lorelai that she doesn't have to try to make nice with her. She doesn't need to be friends or even see Lorelai again. She's trying to tell Lorelai that she's fine having privacy and separate lives, but Lorelai takes it as, "I don't like you. I'm here to steal your daughter." She's kind of saying both, I think. Sherri says she wants to know Rory. Lorelai says that's okay. Sherri says that things are "speeding up" between her and Christopher. This doesn't sit well with Lorelai. This goes on and on along the lines that Christopher used to be a shitty dad, but now he calls once a week always, like clockwork, no matter where he is. Great. Wanna help with Chilton payments, Daddy? Sherri asks if she can hang out with Rory on this trip, say tonight instead of going to Emily's house for Friday dinner. She says she knows that Rory can get out of dinner for certain circumstances or a "pressing need." Sherri says she doesn't know when she'll have another opportunity like this. Does she think Stars Hollow has a mall? Lorelai says that if it's okay with Rory, it's okay with her. Sherri says that Lorelai's just as great as Christopher said she was. Sherri goes back to the living room.

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