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Instantly, the phone rings, and Lorelai yells for Rory to pick it up. Rory says the machine can get it, but it's Lorelai calling on her cell phone, so she yells for Rory to answer it in case it's important. Rory answers. Lorelai talks quietly and gives her the low-down on Sherri wanting to take Rory out tonight. She tells Rory to say, "Sorry, Leonard, we got company. I'll have to call you back," if it's okay with her. Rory says the line. They hang up.

Lorelai comes right back into the room. Christopher starts grilling, asking who Leonard is. Lorelai and Rory stammer that Leonard is a "mutual friend." Sherri starts asking Rory out for the evening, but stops to flirt with Christopher quickly. Christopher stares at Lorelai while he's flirting with Sherri, holding her hand right on the couch. Ick. Rory agrees to go out, even though she'll be missing dinner. Christopher says he'll just eat dinner alone. Lorelai invites him to her house. Yeah, because it was such a rousing success last time for Christopher to be there, wasn't it? Anyway, Sherri tells him to go, and so he agrees. Sherri says they need to go home and get ready for their evenings out. They say goodbye. "Bye, Leonard," Christopher flirts to Lorelai. Fade to commercial.

For the first time in a while, we get that "If you're just tuning in" thing here, but it's not the normal WB guy's voice. Also, they completely exaggerate and says that "Lorelai's worst nightmare" has come true with Christopher bringing Sherri to Stars Hollow.

Lorelai tells Rory to hurry. Rory says that Christopher is never on time. Lorelai notes that Sherri is always on time. The phone is ringing. Lorelai says that if it's Leonard, she'll call him back. "He's so needy," Rory says as she answers the phone. It's Lane. The CD-drop-off heist has a snag. Her Bible study has been pushed back an hour so that the reverend can get to his handball class. Jokes about handball follow, but not funny ones. Rory says she'll make the necessary adjustments. She fills Lane in on Sherri being there. Lane tells Rory to write a long letter about everything to her and slip it in the CD cover. She asks Rory to include a candid photo of Sherri if she can. Rory promises to try.

Rory hangs up as Christopher and Sherri arrive. Sherri says they won't be too late. Lorelai makes a joke about underage drinking. Rory makes one back. Sherri says in a very condescending tone, "Okay, I'm gonna have to drink a lot of coffee to keep up with you two." We hate all nice girls on this show, don't we? Really. Any sign of nice is met with such mistrust. Sherri and Rory leave. Christopher says that Sherri is really excited, and thanks Lorelai for doing this. Lorelai asks if Sherri has been with him the entire trip, because he never mentioned she was coming. Christopher says he wasn't trying to keep her a secret. He asks if it's okay that he brought Sherri. Lorelai says it was fine, but that she was surprised. She asks again if he was hiding her. He says he wasn't. He asks what she thinks of Sherri. Lorelai says she doesn't really know her very well. Christopher says that Sherri's said nice things about Lorelai and mentioned they had a nice talk in the kitchen. Lorelai gives a "Really?" and then tells Christopher that she thought the opposite happened in the kitchen when Sherri pretty much told Lorelai to stay out of her life. Christopher says that Sherri never mentioned any of that. I don't know what they've done to Christopher's hair, but it looks horrible now.

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