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Emily is pissed in the kitchen. She asks how Lorelai can let "that awful woman" take Rory like that. Lorelai says it's just one night. Emily says that Sherri is just getting her claws into Rory and that they'll never see her again. She tells Lorelai to make sure Sherri doesn't take Rory and Lorelai's weekends away. She screeches at Lorelai, "It should've been you!" Okay, I've got to stop here. I can't imagine Emily would feel this way at all. Yes, Christopher was going to become a good businessman, but then he just wasn't, and he was flaky and drove around from city to city on his motorcycle, never taking responsibility, never paying for Rory. I can't imagine that Emily would want Lorelai to end up with this guy at all. If anything, she'd be warning Lorelai that he'd just hurt her again. Emily tells Lorelai she knows she's heartbroken. She says she thought Rory would end up with both of her parents at the end. Lorelai says that the timing was never right. Emily says that it's Lorelai's fault that she didn't get his life together and wasn't the person who helped Christopher get on track? What? Lorelai is furious that Emily would put this blame on her. Emily says there's no other explanation. She says that Christopher has always been crazy about Lorelai, but that she kept him at arm's length like she keeps everyone at arm's length. She says that Christopher is Lorelai's destiny and now it's too late. "Then it wasn't our destiny!" Lorelai shouts. Emily asks whether Lorelai has feelings for Christopher. Lorelai says it's not important, and that what's important is that he's happy. Emily calls Lorelai "impossible" and goes to lie down. She says Lorelai should tell Christopher whatever she feels like telling him. Lorelai shakes her head to the commercial break. Don't you think they could easily hear that screaming in the next room?

I've been doing this recap for almost six hours. It's just taking forever. I don't know why. Luke's. Lorelai tells Luke that Rory's on her way. Luke asks why she's not her usual chipper self. He offers to clear the counter so she can play bagel hockey. He even offers to play with her. Lorelai says last night was like starting off stepping in quicksand and ending up with a sixteen-ton anvil landing on your head. Like this episode. Luke goes to bring her coffee. Rory walks in. They take their seats. Lorelai is wearing a pink sweater with a picture of a dog on it. It's very scary. She says that Rory came in very late last night and that she is dying to hear about Rory's night with Sherri. Rory says that Sherri is what she seems. Cautious driver. Lorelai says they won't have Sherri drive their getaway car. Rory asks what they're robbing. "Sephora," Lorelai answers. I swear, my apartment is bugged. Sherri's a big Bruce Springsteen fan. Yick. Father owned a shoe store. Mom taught kindergarten. Sherri likes to touch people. One prior serious relationship, lasted eleven years. Now she wants to get married. Hasn't dated anyone in the past two years. Specific goals for children: two. Lorelai fills Rory in on how Emily freaked about Rory being out with Sherri. Lorelai says that Emily ended up having a "pouty dinner." Rory asks if Emily is mad at her. Lorelai says that nobody is ever mad at the "angel child." It's another line that's almost an insult. Lorelai asks Rory if she ever thought that she and Christopher would get back together someday. Rory says she didn't really, but that she pictured the three of them living together, but in the way that all kids do. She says it's stupid. Lorelai says it isn't. Rory says that she also pictured Lorelai living with Pee-wee Herman so that they could talk to Chairry. She says then she'd later have Lorelai marry Matthew Broderick so they could sit around and talk about his Ferris Bueller days. Lorelai says, "So, should it have been me?" What a weird fucking sentence to lay on your child. Rory doesn't even understand what Lorelai is saying, but then runs off to give Lane her CD, leaving Lorelai with her inappropriate question hanging in the air.

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