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Later, she's driving down the...exact same stretch of backlot where she and Rory recently ran out of gas and where Rory once cleaned up trash...when she gets a call from Sookie, who is wrangling a whining Davey in her home kitchen. "I hate that stupid Rosie Milano," Sookie says. "Ugh," Lorelai agrees, "is she that woman at Davey's school with the big fake boobs that all the dads think are real?" Sookie says no, the hated Rosie Milano is a kid at Davey's school who came to class with chicken pox. "Oh, NO, I hate her, too," Lorelai says, feeling her friend's pain. Sookie says that Davey and Martha both have mild cases, but she has to stay home and handle the oatmeal baths and whatnot, as well as dealing with Jackson, who has never had chicken pox, apparently. She can't bear the thought of him getting sick, as he is a gigantic baby, and she can't send him to the Dragonfly, because it's full, so she's looking for a hotel for him to crash in. "He can just stay at my place!" Lorelai says, but Sookie tries to give her an out. "You are my best friend in the entire world," she says. "I could not sic Jackson on you." Sniffing the remains of someone's sippie cup of milk and then adding some to her coffee (ew, but hilarious), Sookie explains that Jackson is too much of a slob to inflict on anyone. Lorelai, however, insists, and then she drops a casual bomb about going into Luke's that morning. "Why didn't you cut me off?" Sookie cries. "It's not like the kids have Bubonic plague! How did it go?" Lorelai says it was awful. "We hit the weather in the first minute," she says. "Maybe there's just too much history."

Sookie pffts, reminding her that couples have been breaking up and becoming friends for centuries. "I mean, look at Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett," she says. Lorelai rightly comments that it's sad that Ryan and Farrah are the most well-adjusted example she could think of. "I'm sorry, he's been in the news lately," she says, "that whole shooting a gun at his son thing..." Yeah. Y'all, have you read Tatum O'Neal's awesome autobiography? It is amazing. What? Why are you looking at me like that? She was in The Bad News Bears! Greatest movie of all time! Oh, shut up. Y'all don't know.

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