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Get On Your Bike And RIDE!

I would not, however, have thought to go so far as to pack my husband a salad for dinner, as Sookie did, and I can't blame Jackson for rushing her out the door before Lorelai even gets off the phone. When Lorelai does finally return to find Jackson alone, she delivers the sad news that Gypsy has declared her car unfixable. "Total internal destruction," she says. "I guess that 'check engine' light is not just a suggestion. Although, I'm proud. Total internal destruction? That sounds bad-ass." When Jackson offers her a ride on the way to the farm at 4:45 the next morning, she declines, saying she's going to take her bicycle instead. "There for about two weeks when Rory was ten, we were really into biking," she says. Jackson: "Twelve years ago?!" Lorelai looks worried when she realizes how long ago it really was. "Well, I'll be fine," she says. "They must have the phrase 'it's just like riding a bike' for a reason." She says she's going to have a snack, and invites him to join her. "Oh, actually, no," he says, all pitiful. "Sookie made me a salad." Lorelai: "Pffft. I'm making chicken nuggets. I won't tell!"

The next morning at breakfast, Rory takes a call from her mom in the dining hall. She's a little down after all the craziness with Paris. While she's happy that her friends know what they're doing next year -- one of her friends even accepted a position with a D.C. think tank -- it has made her sad and worried about her own future. Cut to Lorelai, cute as hell on her very cute bike, wearing a poofy-sleeved blouse and cycling down the road. Leaving aside for a moment the extreme danger she is putting herself in by talking on the phone, even hands-free, while riding a bike, I must reiterate the cuteness. Rory apologizes for not getting more info on the think tank, knowing Lorelai's not-unjustified fascination with them, and reports that the think-tank guy has an average-to-small forehead, despite what one might naturally assume. Lorelai reports on the car situation, and agrees when Rory suggests she get a DeLorean. "It's on the list," she says, "right behind the Batmobile."

At the Dragonfly, Lorelai looks through a car book and discusses her options with Sookie. I really liked this episode, but all this car stuff is super-boring. Sookie asks how Jackson is behaving, assuming the worst, and Lorelai says he's been nothing but fine. Sookie is surprised and seems almost disappointed, prompting Lorelai to ask if everything is all right between Sookie and Jackson. "He's just kind of getting on my nerves a little lately," she admits, pointing to her belly. "I'm a little cranky. You know, the little one's been keeping me up at night." Wow, Melissa McCarthy is such a cute pregnant lady -- you can really see the change in her face. I believe she is due this month, actually. Michel comes in to be completely unfunny about Lorelai potentially buying a Ferrari. "Don't listen to him," Sookie says. "Here's what I want you to do. Close your eyes. Imagine your dream car. You're backing out of the driveway, you're driving through Stars Hollow...'good morning, townspeople! Top of the morning to ya!" Lorelai wonders why she's suddenly a leprechaun, but says she thinks she can picture her new car. "It's more of a float, really," she says, "and I'm all dressed in white..." Sookie sighs. "That's not a very practical car," she says.

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