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Get On Your Bike And RIDE!

Lorelai muses aloud on the possibility of getting a cool vintage car, but Michel, who so very obviously has angered someone in the writer's room this week, snorts and snarks his way through a description of used cars that could only have been gleaned from watching horror films. Used cars apparently contain the dead skin, body odor, germs, and lice from all previous owners, or something blah blah obsessive-compulsive unfunniness. Don't waste the talents of television's preeminent bitchy queen on such drivel. It is enough, however, to alarm Sookie, who says that if Lorelai does decide to get a vintage car, she doesn't think she can sit in it. Lorelai says not to worry -- she's in a different position now than she was eight years ago, and she can afford to get a new car with all the perks. The problem, she says, is that she doesn't know where to start when choosing one. "You know," she tells Sookie, "this is something Luke would be good at. I mean, in the old days." She says that when they were friends, this is something she would have asked him to help her with. Sookie says that sounds like a great idea, actually, and adds that with the built-in safe topic of conversation, this might be the thing that helps Luke and Lorelai get over their awkward hump. Whoa! Sorry. Hump of awkwardness? Whichever way I say it sounds wrong. Humpish? No. Lorelai goes out, saying she'll think about it, and Sookie takes a call from Jackson. "Wait a minute, wait...," she says, trying to calm him down. "You did what?!"

Meanwhile, Lorelai goes out front to call Luke and is surprised when he immediately and happily offers to help her with the car stuff. She smiles a tiny, hopeful smile, but...when he picks her up and they are alone in his truck, the awkward hump (see?) returns. He says he's sorry he can't turn on the radio -- it's really static-y -- but she says she's fine with not having music. She tries to joke around with him, but he misreads it and they awkwardly talk about April and the planned boat trip until silence once again reigns and he is forced to turn on the static just to fill the void.

Rory arrives home to find Doyle charging out the door. "HAVE A NICE LIFE!" he screams back toward the apartment, slamming the door behind him. To Rory, he announces that Paris has just broken up with him. "She did? Why?" she asks. "I don't know," Doyle answers, "maybe because SHE'S PSYCHO?!" From inside, we hear Paris argue that she is NOT PSYCHO. Doyle counters that YES, SHE IS. "I WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK," he screams at the door, "because YOU are a CERTIFIABLE NUTJOB." He's correct, of course. Rory goes inside to find a very serene Paris wearing what I swear is a purple pantsuit with silver flats. Paris insists that breaking up with Doyle was the only thing to do -- she has this big decision to make and does not want him influencing it. After all, she points out, it is statistically unlikely that she will stay with her college boyfriend long-term. "So, how am I going to feel in twenty years," she argues, "when I look back and realize that I based such a huge decision on some college guy who may or may not make the holiday newsletter cutoff?" Rory's making the biggest sad face, ever. "But," she says, "you love him." Paris shrugs. "Yeah, well," she says, "I'll deal." The good news, she says, she has come up with a highly complicated decision-making schematic to help her choose which school to attend. The problem, however, is that her embarrassment of riches continues to grow. She's received three more acceptances. Rory gets that worried look again -- seeing it, Paris tells her that nothing has come from the Times. Sighing, Rory gets up and goes to play her messages. It's the infernal Lucy! She and Olivia are inviting Rory to come and toast their new Manhattan apartment, Glenda. Yes, they named their new apartment. "Weird," Paris says in what is the biggest understatement I have ever heard her use. Rory notices that Paris is sort of sad and lonely, and invites her along.

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