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Back at the CrapShack, Sookie and Jackson stand before the reason for Jackson's earlier panicked phone call as Paul Anka whines a foreboding whine. Jackson has jacked up (ha!) Lorelai's dollhouse. Apparently, he was admiring it and thinking he might make one for Martha, and when he picked it up to check out its support system, it was way heavier than he thought, and he dropped it. And... then he fell on it. "You broke the only thing from Lorelai's childhood that she actually liked," Sookie yelps. "How could you? Why did you have to touch it?" Again, he insists that it was just an accident and tries to think of a solution. "Maybe I could try and put it back together?" he says. Sookie snorts: "Yeah, you're so handy." Jackson has had it. "Okay, that's enough," he says. "I know what this is about, and it's not about this dollhouse." Sookie says that of course this is about the dollhouse, that she's already said she's excited about the baby. "But that's not the same as you forgiving me," he says, "which you haven't done." Let's keep it real here for a second -- I love Jackson, but saying you got a vasectomy which you then did not get and "accidentally" getting your wife pregnant is a far larger deal than he seems to think. I'm glad Sookie is still mad about it -- and she finally admits that yeah, she is. Every time she's in pain with the pregnancy or Davey and Martha have tantrums or get sick, she gets scared about having the third baby, and then feels guilty about it and mad that Jackson has put her into this situation. "I understand," he says. "I'm still mad at myself. It's just that at some point... you are going to forgive me eventually, right?" Sookie says she wants to, really, but she's overwhelmed. They sit quietly and review the wreckage of the dollhouse. "Boy," she says, putting her hand on his knee, "you really plowed into that thing, huh?"

Things aren't going so well over at the car lot. Luke is trying to help Lorelai choose a car, but she's...being super-ridiculous, talking a bunch of quirky, car-related bullshit about how she just isn't getting the right "feeling" from any of these cars on the lot. Finally, Sookie calls, interrupting the misery. "I'm gonna buy a car," Lorelai says, "just to get out of here." Sookie is only calling to judge her level of frustration so that she can prepare for the dollhouse reveal, and is alarmed to find out how badly it's going. Lorelai says she wants to leave, and can tell Luke wants to, but neither of them can say it. "I don't know how Ryan and Farrah do it," she says, "because this whole friendship thing is not working out." She hangs up, trying to psych herself up to look at more cars. Finally, Luke finds her the newer model of her Jeep to look at. She, of course, doesn't like it. "What exactly is bugging you?" he asks, finally showing his frustration. "You don't buy a car based on a feeling!" Lorelai: "No, YOU don't buy a car based on a feeling." He sighs the sigh of the damned, saying this is typical of her. "This is bathroom tiles all over again," he says, causing her to renew their old argument. "I was right about the tiles," she says. "The tiles were too big for the bathroom." He says again that the tiles were not "too big," that that doesn't even make sense. In a STUNNING turn of hypocrisy, Lorelai accuses him of being "narrow-minded," and it's just too much for his flannelled brain to take. In an homage to my very favorite scene in A Fish Called Wanda ("The central message of Buddhism is not 'every man for himself!'"), Luke goes for the throat: "Sports cars don't think they're better than other cars, okay? Hatchbacks don't have SUV-inferiority complexes. Yeah, and sedans aren't afraid to get dirty!" Awesome.

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