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Get On Your Bike And RIDE!

Though Luke is utterly, painfully, gloriously correct, Lorelai eggs him on, suggesting that his crabbiness is probably due to hunger. "I think I have some cookies in here!" she says. "Some Oreos!" He ramps up his rant, saying he's not hungry and anyway, he wouldn't eat anything that came out of her messy bag -- it sends him into an entirely new rage about how she never cleans out her purse and wastes untold hours digging around in it...then suddenly, he looks up to catch her grinning. "What?" he yells. "You're smiling." Lorelai: "No, no. You've got low blood sugar!" Somehow keeping his head from blowing off, he says no, he doesn't, and he gets her to admit that she's not going to buy a car. "You need a milkshake," she says in response, and she tries to rock-paper-scissors him to get him to agree to stop on the way home. He won't. "So," she says, "you forfeit." As he shoves her into the car, screeching that they aren't stopping, we see a glimmer of the old Luke and Lorelai we have so sorely missed. Thank goodness. Now if they can just figure out how to make me forget that whole April plotline, all my wishes would come true.

Lorelai pedals home to find Sookie and Jackson sitting on her front steps. They nervously avoid the subject of the dollhouse by asking how things went with Luke. Lorelai exuberantly tells them that it was great -- they got in a fight and it totally got them over the hump of awkwardness. She did not, however, find a car. She likes her old car, she says, and all the memories it contains. "I know I have to move on," she says. "I know whatever new car/tractor/float I get will be great. It's just been a more emotional experience than I thought." Sookie and Jackson look at each other and sadly agree that all of that makes sense. Lorelai looks at them sideways: "What's wrong with you two?" Sookie takes a deep breath. She says they have to tell her something and it's awful timing because they're talking about memories and this thing is associated with memories, but... "Jackson broke your dollhouse." Lorelai's face goes white. "How broke?" she gasps. Sookie: "In a box, in pieces. Trust me, you don't want to look." Jackson is mortified, and apologizes deeply. Sookie tries, as well, to take the blame, saying that she had Jackson on edge about his behavior, and that they're both really sorry. Meanwhile, Paul Anka sits quietly in the grass, removing himself completely from the guilty parties. Lorelai, looking very sad, says she knows it was an accident. Sookie tells her that the not-so-disastrous news is that they've found someone to repair it and are taking it to get fixed tomorrow. "I'm sure it will be fine," Lorelai says. "Yeah," Sookie says, "everything can be fixed, right?" WHANG! They haul Sookie up to her feet and go inside.

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