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Rory and Paris share a pitcher with Lucy and Olivia (who appear to be wearing the same clothes from when we last saw them?) at a bar. The cutesy twins tell them all about their new place, and bemoan their post-college financial straits. "Hey," Rory says, turning to a depressed-looking Paris to try to involve her in the conversation, "do they have student housing at Columbia?" Paris mutters a "maybe" and Lucy and Olivia catch on, leaving them alone. Rory asks Paris if she's really okay. "I just miss him," she says of Doyle. Paris finally admits that Doyle wasn't really pressuring her at all. "It was me," she says. Doyle told her that he would work it out, wherever she decided to go, but she couldn't really factor his needs out of the equation. "I should choose a school based on its merits," she says, starting to cry, "not based on its proximity to some guy!" Rory reminds her that Doyle isn't just some guy; he's Doyle! "I know," Paris laments, killing me. "But I'm only twenty-two! This wasn't supposed to happen yet! I wasn't supposed to meet The Guy until I was thirty...and when I was ready to settle down." Rory tries to calm Paris down, saying that one can't plan everything and that being in love with Doyle is a good thing. Paris asks if Rory is having these same talks with Logan. Rory says yes, and that they've agreed to factor each other in. Paris challenges her to carry that idea forward to its end -- say she gets the Reston, and meanwhile Logan gets some great deal where he needs to move to San Francisco. Would she accept a perfectly good job at the San Francisco Chronicle or choose The New York Times? Rory hesitates before admitting she'd go for the Times. "Well, then," Paris shrugs sadly, "we're saying the same thing, aren't we?" Rory tries to argue that they're not. "But you're saying," Paris reiterates, "that your career comes first." Rory: "Well...I didn't say it comes first. I'm just not willing to make any sacrifices in that area yet." Paris points out that as a result, she has to be willing to make sacrifices in her relationship. Rory says that, well, if they have to, she and Logan will just have a long-distance relationship and make it work somehow. "Then again," Paris says, "choosing to be apart...might be choosing to be apart."

Luke screeches into Lorelai's driveway and stomps to the door, where he is surprised to find Jackson, wearing pajamas. "We thought you were the pizza guy!" Jackson says, all excited, offering Luke some chicken nuggets. "We're gonna eat everything on the couch!" Hee. Poor Jackson. Lorelai steps out and Luke cuts to the chase. He borrowed Kirk's computer, got Zach to show him how to use craigslist, and found a Jeep just like hers for sale. He went out to see it, ran its history, and took it for a test drive, and it runs great. "So, if you want to keep your old car," he sighs, "for whatever crazy feeling it gives you, then buy this guy's car, take it to Gypsy. She'll take the engine out and put it in your old car. Which makes ABSOLUTELY no sense, because basically you're paying the same amount of money to fix your old car as you would be paying to get you in a new one." Through all this, Lorelai grins to herself. Finally, Luke whips out a card with the guy's number. He's already negotiated down the price and made all the arrangements for her. "It's still a ridiculous idea," he says. Lorelai: "I know." He sighs again and stomps back toward his truck, yelling back over his shoulder that if, in the mean time, she intends to keep riding around on the bike, she needs to stop by his place and he'll put air in her tires. She yells that she doesn't need any, but he yells back that she does, plus a bell so that people will know she's coming. "What if I don't want people to know I'm coming?" she calls as he gets in the truck. "I'M PUTTIN' ON A BELL!" he yells back. Lorelai: "I WANT A HORN!" Slamming his door as she smiles on her porch, he yells again that, fine, if she wants a horn, he'll get her one. Hooray! All that car stuff was worth it for that cranky exchange.

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