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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Fresh cup of coffee, popcorn, a glass of wine, a bottle of water and it's storming outside. I'd say these are perfect conditions for recapping.

But first, a little fanmail I'd like to share with you:


Do you enjoy watching the Gilmore Girls? I'm surprised you gave this episode a 'B' considering your recap didn't highlight one thing you enjoyed during the show. If everything on the show annoys you, why continue watching? I personally quite enjoyed the episode and had wanted to hear your thoughts of it. I know you've been frustrated and fed-up with everything on the show for a while, but I had hoped that a 'B' rating would mean you enjoyed something!

If you hate writing the recaps because they spoil the show for you, can someone else do it? I don't want a gushing fan who sees the whole Gimore [sic] world as perfect, but grab a writer who actually enjoys some aspects of the show to recap it. That would be a refreshing change. I thought your buddy Al did a great job. He [sic] didn't love everything he saw but he at least let us in on the moments/lines/reactions he felt made the show worth watching.



Hi. So. I just...really wish you'd stop recapping Gilmore Girls. I think you're a good writer, and I'm sure you're a nice person, but I still really like the show, and I wish I had recaps of it I could enjoy. Look, I know the point of TWOP is to snark, but you're not even snarking, you're just over it and bitter and depressing. I loved the guest spot by Al Lowe -- so refreshing, someone who can still give the show a chance. Your recaps make me sad and irritated each week because you can't see the good stuff that I see in the show, or if you can, you never mention it. Look, I bawled like a baby all during "Say Something," and that's crazy for me. And I like Lorelai -- sorry, I do.

And yet I can't seem to stop reading the recaps because no one else is writing consistently about the show and I want to read about it...but I'm going to have to quit. I just can't handle the big downer of your recaps every week. I guess you'll think that if the show were better, you wouldn't have to be such a downer, but...the show doesn't bring me down. I think your viewpoint on this is permanently bittered-up, and I wish you'd let someone else take the job.

Sorry. Thanks

Let's just let the show's superfans speak for themselves with this:

Ahhh -- how many times have I done this? Channeling Lorelai, I've done it like a million times! OK, so like her, I'm embellishing for dramatic effect, but, sheeee-YEAH! Over and over and over. First micro-focusing on him, then on her. Then on her hands, then on his. Then on his face, then hers. Then their body language in the final scene.

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