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Luke's. Andrew's at the counter, complimenting Luke's boat: "Are you selling it, or is it [covers eye with hand, impersonates pirate] some kind of seafood --" Luke: "I don't wanna talk about it." Hee. Lulu enters the diner, pushing a young kid into the room, and at first I don't recognize her because Kirk's not there to announce her. The kid is terrified of standing in front of Luke. He's so scared, in fact, that he jams an inhaler into his mouth and starts huffing it to an alarming degree. The kid's name is Bradley, and since he's busy doing his Kristen Taylor impression (Oh, is it too soon?), Lulu offers to talk for him. Lulu snaps and waves her hand, shouting, "Eyes on me! Eyes on me!" I hope they let Lulu talk more often. She tells Luke that Bradley is in charge of the sets in the school's production of Fiddler On the Roof, and since Lorelai signed Luke up to do the sets, he needs to come by the school tomorrow with his own tools. Luke is grumpy when he hears he's been volunteered to do work, but when he hears that Lorelai will also be there, working on the costumes, he agrees to still do it. The extra sitting behind Lulu clearly went to the recent Botox party. Lulu tells Luke that he doesn't have to do it, if it's going to be all weird, with the boat and the breakup. Lulu kind of looks like Monica Lewinsky. Luke says he might as well, "for the kids," if other people are going to be helping out. What a softie. Bradley reminds Luke to bring his tools. As he heads out with Lulu, he quietly says to her, "I hope he's not late." Lulu says she hopes that, too.

Stac(e)y: Warning: Yummy Luke scene! I call Cleaning!Hands Luke and Helping!Inhaler!Boy! Luke. Lulu sounds like a great third grade teacher, doesn't she? Luke's ALL IN on the play!

Dragonfly kitchen. "No more pork!" Sookie declares, tired of dealing with their pork distributor (Dirty!). Sookie holds...some kind of herb or fern or something, and squees when she sees Lorelai holding a pretty blue bag. Turns out the bag is just filled with Santa beards for the Fiddler show. Lorelai went to four places all over town to try to find a good beard, but Lieberman's Jew in all of Connecticut, according to her. She asks Sookie to "borrow" some tea bags so that she can stain the beards. Sookie calls her crafty. Too bad she can't use her cunning, budgety ways to put her kid through school. What? I said it. Okay, fine. Rory's a big girl. Too bad Lorelai can't use some of her cunning, budgety ways to open her own inn. Face! Oh, it's rosemary Sookie's holding. She's got sprigs of fresh rosemary in a cup and now she's de-stemming them. Sookie tries nonchalantly to find out if Lorelai's seen the boat. When Lorelai can't stop with the nautical references, Sookie knows she has. Lorelai saw the boat from every direction on all of her errands (What, is she waltzing into work at 12:30?), and got the White House Tour of the boat. Sookie doesn't know what Luke was thinking. She asks when he came to get it. Lorelai doesn't know; it was just suddenly gone. He didn't even tell her he was going to take it. "Well, I think that stinks," Sookie says, the ultimate best friend, ready to hate on any guy who's even slightly dicky to her girl. Aw, Sookie, you really should get more screen time. Sookie calls Luke a jerk. Lorelai says this is all her fault, anyway, for buying the boat against his will and storing it at her house. I'm glad the boat has made an appearance, and wasn't another one of this season's red herrings like Sookie's pregnancy or Digger's lawsuit or Dean's marriage. Lorelai and Sookie agree that Lorelai sounds a little pathetic. Sookie says she doesn't mind hating Luke right now at all. Lorelai appreciates it, but doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Sookie launches into a million apologizes, promising she won't talk about it anymore if that's what's making Lorelai leave right now. Lorelai says she has many costumes to make and she's very busy today. Sookie cringes at her best friend's pain.

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