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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Stac(e)y: How funny is this show!?! Just when I'm so sad because Luke and Lorelai break up they have such a great line!!! I heart these writers! [hugs writers!] Damon is soooo cute with the lesbian mom. And aw, Luke showed up with his tools just like he would show up at Lorelai's house. Are they back together yet? [*off to read spoilers!*] Does anyone know where I can get that awesome leprechan jacket Kirk's (I forget her name) girlfriend was wearing? It's supercute. Back off, Carrie! Luke's spoken for! Get in line, honey. I can't believe she made fun of Lorelai's outfits. She must be stupid.

While Carrie assembles her cast, Luke finds out that Kirk is playing Tevye. Kirk runs to join the kids, saying that his director is calling. Carrie asks if anyone's seen her daughter. They haven't. She wants to know whose parents are coming to the show. Damon raises his hand, purely because his mother is a lesbian. Kirk raises his hand to announce that his mother's going to be in Florida. Then two kids and Kirk raise their hands so they can go potty. Kirk swears he'll just be two minutes. Luke watches all of this from the wings.

Stac(e)y: Kirk! I love this epi!!!!!!

Luke asks Lulu when the other adults might show up. Lulu says that all the other parents are getting there at different times.

Stac(e)y: Come join my Luke/Lulu shipper thread: LuLulu.

Kirk runs back from the bathroom and tells Carrie he even flushed. Carrie tells them to take their places for the top of the show. Lulu tells Kirk that they couldn't find a boy to fill the challenging role of Tevye, even when they opened up the auditions to the "scary extension school." Lulu tells the story of the time they did Jesus Christ Superstar with a Jesus who was allergic to peanuts and got hives from shoving them up his nose during intermission. Christ. Kirk practices his lines.

Stac(e)y: Kirk!

Sookie runs up to Lorelai's garage, bragging that she bought all the glue and glitter Stars Hollow Party Supply had. And apparently she spilled it all down the front of her outfit. Lorelai is wearing this Freddy Krueger-like cardigan/hoodie that is awesome. So Lorelai has decided to turn her garage into a super-secret girly "All-Me" hideout fort and needs all the glitter, paint, and disco balls she can find. I think, when she's finished, this room will look like the mother's storage unit in Bee Season. Sookie answers her cell phone as Lorelai notes she should have done this years ago (but then we never would have met Sebastian Bach!).

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