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Stac(e)y: What? I'm sorry, I was scrapbooking.

It's Michel on the phone. He wants Sookie to know he heard a noise from the kitchen. It might have been a bam, clang, crash, or wham. It might have been a kapow. Sookie asks if he checked it out. Michel runs a lint brush across his monitor and Frenches that he's extremely busy. He's the only one working, since the other two run off on decorating projects. Sookie asks if he actually heard a noise. Michel says he heard a thwap or a brroom. Sookie hangs up and informs Lorelai that Batman's attacking the inn. Great little scene there from the two underused comedic actors. Lorelai unwisely suggests they decorate the garage Moulin Rouge-style. Michel calls Sookie again: "I'm smelling something very funny coming from the kitchen. Could be a pungent cheese. Could be arson. Should I call the fire department or shall I just fetch some crackers?"

Stac(e)y: I'm gonna go live in Lorelai's Moulin Rouge garage. Garouge? Yay! I coined a new term. All of you start using it immediately!

Rory is setting up for her non-date with Marty when Doyle walks in and wants to discuss with Rory her incredibly rude behavior during his staff meeting. Rory doesn't want to hear it, and furthermore, doesn't want Doyle just walking into her room, sitting on her couch, taking off his shoes, pulling a pebble out from his foot and putting it next to the bowls she's holding, and then dropping his sock on the coffee table. Doyle says he has a key because Paris said her casa is also his casa. Rory points to Paris's casa, which is the room off to the side. Doyle is even more insulted by Rory's sudden rash of insolence. Rory kicks him out, telling him to take his pebble with him.

Stac(e)y: Doyle's nasty. Good for Rory, yelling at him. He's short.

Michel is now painting Lorelai's garage, commenting that he's the only one working. I guess Cletus is doing check-ins. He's great on the phones, though. Michel complains that his arm is cramping, but he's the one who insisted on doing the stenciling himself. Michel explains that these stencils have been in the Gerard family for decades, so he's not going to let anyone else touch them. Michel complains that the fumes are making him sick. Lorelai: "Oh, mi Gahd! You had a fit to be included. And you've done nothing but complain since you got here." Michel says he's got a life, and didn't need to be included. He feels the need to mention that he also has a lot of friends: "I dare you to find anyone who has a larger collection of techno and rock music than I do." Adding, "I'm fulfilled and need nothing from either of you." Lorelai: "Poor Michel." Michel: "No! Do not 'poor Michel' me! No!" I missed these great Michel scenes. He's one of the few fun things here. Sookie's impressed with their work. Michel descends the ladder and announces that he's done stenciling on that one wall. Sookie tells him he has another three walls to go. Michel uses all of his Queer Eye knowledge to remark that sometimes using a stencil on only one wall makes a focal point. Lorelai tells him to get to stenciling times three. Michel says she tricked him into this. "Just like Tom Sawyer," Lorelai admits. Heh. Sookie asks if this is exactly the kind of special, all-her, alone place she wanted. Lorelai's like, "When will there be enough glitter in the world to fill this my heart?"

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