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Jews And Chinese Food

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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Stac(e)y: Lorelai's garage is so pretty! I'm going to paint my room in those colors. Does anyone know where I can find the paint Lorelai used? I NEED IT!!!! Michel was funny in that scene. I wish I knew what sex feels like.

Let me explain to you that I am not kidding when I say I thought Rory was trying to be Christina Aguilera when she opened the door. I had forgotten about the Marx Brothers and Duck Soup entirely. On my first viewing, I was even confused when she was handling the bowls. And then she opened the door like she was going to sing about her mocha-chakka-ya-ya-da-da. Luckily, Marty calls Rory "Harpo" right away, and then I'm laughing too hard through the next couple of lines to know what's going on. Marty's impressed with the gigantic movie-theatre posters of the movies they're going to watch that Rory has on display in her common room. And she's filled the place with food, even though Marty brought food too (leftovers from his catering job). It's so much effort for watching DVDs on a Saturday that either Rory is going to confess her love for Marty or she's about to ask him for fifteen thousand dollars. Rory introduces all of the snacks, and mentions the Wasabi bites in particular. Man, those are gross. I bought a package in Hawaii, even though they totally have them here in Los Angeles, and I hate them in L.A. (I am now firm in my realization that while I like wasabi with my sushi, I hate the taste of anything with wasabi in it, like mashed potatoes), but I thought maybe they'd be better in Hawaii, somehow. I was also very excited to be in Hawaii and would have tried poo-sticks, if you had told me they were made in Hana. Anyway, poor Marty's nervous because it totally looks like Rory wants to get with him. They sit. Marty asks if she's going to stay in the hat and wig tonight. "I mean, you can," he says. "It works for you." Adding, "And I'm totally into that kind of thing if you are, Rory. Whatever you want. You want wasabi nipples? I'm your man." They start the movie with a single button and it immediately launches into the film. Marty jams a handful of wasabi bites in his mouth and immediately regrets it. (Wasabi bites are green, so he was eating some kind of sesame snack from Trader Joes.) Rory runs to get Marty a soda while he waits for his mouth to numb.

Stac(e)y: I'm so torn! I want Rory to have Marty be her boyfriend because he's so nice, but I also want her to be with Logan because he's HOOOT!1! What to do? Oh, well, she'll figure it out. She's a smart girl :-) * (That's my smoking girl emoticon. I don't smoke tho!)

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