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Stac(e)y: Kirk!

Carrie screams that the break is over and it's time for the kids to take their places. It's time for a run-thru of "Tradition." It's a nice, little recapper break when they actually do three minutes of Fiddler. Also, since I went to high school in Katy, Texas, a town that technically doesn't allow Jews inside city lines, this is a show I've never seen. I'd rent it, but there's a song in there that my parents used at their wedding and I just don't feel like crying for the rest of my life. I wonder if Stars Hollow Elementary is some kind of arts school, because every single one of these kids is pretty damn good at singing. One of the actresses trips on her entrance (she's playing Yenta), and Luke storms the stage, enraged that the costume wasn't flawless. He demands someone fix the hem on Yenta's dress immediately. Kirk screams, "I was feeling it!" Luke is hopping mad that there aren't other adults there: "This is completely unacceptable!" He storms off, prompting Kirk to note, "He takes his work very seriously. I mean it; just try and pull this cart."

Stac(e)y: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! (Hearts) I just made a screencap website for this scene and I wrote on the picture in Photoshop "Babette Ate Oatmeal." Can someone mail me the videotape of this episode because I need another copy for my bathroom t.v.. Please?!?? I'LL PAY POSTAGE!

Luke pulls up Lorelai's driveway (Dirty!). Lorelai's busy glue-gunning a paper daisy on her private place (Beat that, Dirty!). I swear, Lorelai is thirteen-year-old girl. If you're ever furious with someone and find that they were not where they were supposed to be because she was putting glitter strips on the inside of her garage -- does your head explode before or after you stab her seventy-three times with pinking shears? Luke tells Lorelai that Yenta tripped. They do a quick bit about the plot of Fiddler before Luke says he is in no mood for witty banter. "The kid tripped because her dress was too long." Lorelai asks if the girl is hurt. Luke says she isn't, "But she completely blew her entrance!" She tripped, and they had to reset her goats. Lorelai opens her arms wide and says, "Luke," with this condescending grin because uh, what she's doing is like, important? Luke says Lorelai should have been where she was "supposed to be" so that the costume fit. Lorelai is insulted at the notion that she's "supposed to be" anywhere. Luke reminds her that she's costumes; he's sets. But she's here, and he's busting his ass to launch the off-off-off-off Broadway show. Lorelai says she makes the costumes at home and brings them to the school when she's done. Luke says that's just great, because he's busy having to teach kids how to hold tools and deal with things like pee breaks all because Lorelai signed him up for it. Lorelai tells him he could have said no. Luke asks if she's ever tried saying no to Bradley when he has a giant inhaler shoved up his mouth: "Well, you can't!" Hee.

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