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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Stac(e)y: Okay, I get it. Gah. When will Rory change outfits, or we go back to Lorelai? I'm bored. Ooh, my Paxil!

Tevye and Golde sing a song about whether she loves him, what with them being married all the time. The girl has quite a set of pipes. ["Broadway kids are creepy." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai and Luke get all misty because they are all in with each other but right now are all out. Just as they're maybe going to reconcile, a group of children run past. In some countries, that's considered good luck, isn't it?

Stac(e)y: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ohmigod, it was killing me to watch them like that, ya'lls. SAY SOMETHING! That's what you said last week, Lorelai. Say it again!!! Says something!!! Kiss! Kiss! GET BACK TOGETHER! Then those kids ran by and I wanted to KILL THEM. But you shouldn't kill kids because of Jesus.

Marty and Rory walk back to Rory's room (Marty's brain? It's singing "If I Were A Rich Man") as Marty talks about when he'll pay her back. Rory asks him to forget about it. Marty says he's working a party next Saturday night, and he'll pay her back on Sunday, but it might be all in ones. Rory apologizes about their evening and asks if he wants to come in and watch more movies. "Rory," Marty says. "I feel like I really need to tell you something." He tells her that he knows they're friends and he's really glad about that. "But, I don't want to be just friends anymore. I like you." Rory: "I like...Logan." The delicate Gilmore touch. Marty says he figured that was the case. Rory then adds that she doesn't know why. Marty says he's got a few guesses. Rory apologizes and says she doesn't know what to say. She begs him to say they're still friends and wants him to come in and watch Duck Soup again. Marty says that they are still friends, but he really likes Duck Soup and doesn't want to associate it with this particular night. Rory says she understands. Marty leaves, tripping the strummy-strummy-wire. He promises to pay her back next weekend. "Okay," Rory says. Marty walks upstairs to his place.

Stac(e)y: Poor Marty. And poor Rory for having to hurt him like that. She's sweet, inviting him in anyway. And I like to think Marty went my room, where I live in the dorm above Rory. I'm majoring in English and I'm also on the newspaper staff. I'm on scholarship and I like hanging out with Lane and her band when I have spare time. And they call me "Stace." When I get married to Jess? It's going to be at the gazebo in the center of the town, and everybody will be there and Gypsy will be my maid of honor and Miss Patty will be our ring bearer and Jess will wear his leather jacket over his tux and his mom Liz will be there with funny T.J. and Sookie will have a baby right there as they say "man and wife"! And you know I'm making Jess say "obey!" LOLOLOLOLOL ROTFLMFAOGKMP6!

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