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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Rory's in bed with a A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, which suggests that she's officially obsessing. There's a knock on her window. It's Logan. He slinks into the window, his leather jacket creaking on the entry. It's why I can't stand leather jackets. They're such an "I’m cool" announcement. Anyway, Rory hasn't been this excited since Jess creaked into her house. Logan says it looks much cooler on television. Rory says he did a pretty good job. Rory asks about the Zydeco. Logan left when Finn jumped on vocals. He says he wanted to make sure she got home okay. Translation: he wanted to make sure she wasn't having sex with Marty right now. Logan pulls her into his arms. Logan says he's going to give her a proper good-night and then c-r-e-a-k-s into a kiss. Watch the S-curve on Rory's spine as she pulls away from him as much as she possibly can. He moves to leave, but Rory says he's supposed to give her a "proper" good night. She takes off his jacket. Logan asks if she's going to change into something even more comfortable, like "feetsie pajamas." Rory says she's not that kind of girl. She just gives us the one too-easy line every week, doesn't she? Rory and Logan kiss over to the bed. Logan asks a few times if she's sure she wants him to stay. Rory's sure. "Good. Because if you think climbing in that window was hard..." And: sex.

Stac(e)y: HOT! I can't believe they cut it off before they [small voice] d1d 1t. [/small voice]. No fair, WB! I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS! WOO! [edited because there's a big difference in "fair" and "fail."! Ha!]

Next week: Finally. Emily.

Stac(e)y: Pamie's mean. I hate her. I wish she never got married.

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