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Woo! Gilmore Girls! Woo!

Stac(e)y: That was so sad with the boat! Why was it facing the wrong way on the street? Ha, ha, I love Jess!

Yale newspaper room. Doyle is yelling at his staff. Now I know they were filming this during the storms, because not only is Doyle soaking wet, but Glenn -- who suddenly grows balls and bickers with Doyle -- is also looking moist. ("Moist" is one of my least-favorite words.) He tells Doyle to stop sounding like a nagging mother telling them to pick up their socks. Rory congratulates Glenn's newfound moxie. Paris snits at Glenn to treat their editor with more respect. "He's your boyfriend, not mine," Glenn says. Paris: "That has yet to be determined." Doyle tells everyone to turn in not just an electronic version of their stories, but a paper trail as well, since last week, when the servers went down, they nearly missed their deadline. Doyle is telling everyone what to do while Rory looks out the window at Marty standing right in front of the window, seemingly to get Rory to stare at him out the window while he mimes having a conversation with someone we can't see who doesn't exist. Rory then stands right up and walks out because she's heard Doyle have sex and that means you no longer have to take orders from that person anymore. Also, Rory should totally be fired from the paper for how she just talked to her editor-in-chief. I can't wait for Rory to have her first real job and learn something about not being the most important person in the universe. ["But for what it's worth, you are the most important person in my universe. Then again, this isn't a real job." -- Wing Chun] Clean a fucking toilet, princess. And wait until your staff meeting is over to go flirt with the guy who's not your boyfriend.

Stac(e)y: Were you guys just like me this week when you heard Paris got her Sidekick hacked? I was like, "Oh, no! Now Doyle will know she really loved Asher!" And then I was like, "Paris wouldn't like Maroon 5" and "Paris wouldn't call it a 'Birth Control Kill Pill'" and she wouldn't mispell so many words. And then I was like, "Oh!" I'm so dumb sometimes! [*shakes head at herself*]

Rory compliments Marty's "manly-sized" cup of coffee. Marty turns a full circle to find Rory behind him. He stammers that he worked late and had a paper. Rory's eyes glazed over at the word "work." Her boyfriend totally doesn't have to work. That's hot. Rory tells Marty that he never has to apologize for a huge cup of coffee. Marty says he knows, and then jams his fresh cup of coffee to his mouth and takes a big ol' sip. I'm not so sure Marty'll be a good kisser, what with him just destroying all the nerves in his lips like that. Rory tries to get Marty talking, but he's being pretty curt. "I miss you," Rory says, like they used to date. "A lot."

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