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Just Like Gwen And Gavin
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It's the middle of the night, Lorelai and Luke are in bed, and bells are ringing. No, not like that. They're asleep when they hear church bells ringing and wake up to see that it's 3:12 in the morning. Luke, somehow, seems to be wearing a sweater in bed? I don't know. Maybe Connecticut is colder than I thought. Luke says he had been dreaming that he was shopping for a car and he wondered about trunk space and the salesman opened the trunk had enough space. "Very mundane dreams," Lorelai says, in unison with the whole world. They hear someone shouting incomprehensibly in the streets. Lorelai asks what they're saying. "There was..." Luke says, trying to decipher it, "...a clown beating?" Lorelai: "Not again!" Hee. No, it's really a town meeting that's being called, and Luke is understandably less than pleased. He tries to go back to sleep, but Lorelai insists that they attend. "We might miss something," she says. Unfortunately, she's quite wrong. The whole town turns out for the meeting to find that Taylor is not even there, and that he has set up a videoconference from the remote location of his sister's house in Maine, where his nephew continually throws ping-pong balls at him and calls him a "doo-doo head." That's the only funny thing about this scene. At all. Hearing Taylor say, "Do not call me a doo-doo head."

The huge emergency is that he is snowed in and will not be able to get back to run the annual Winter Carnival. This announcement is met with yawns. No one can see the problem, and Taylor can't see that they don't care he won't be there. He says they've never had to cancel a carnival, and the crowd goes...blah. They still don't get what he's so het up about. "I won't be there to run the carnival," he says, dramatically. "Draw the obvious conclusions!" Ah, light dawns on Miss Patty. "Kirk," she says, "can you take over?" Kirk says sure, and thus the meeting ends with all of them filing out as Taylor rattles on with his carnival recommendations.

At the diner later, Luke is so tired he's pouring people coffee into their teacups. "Now you've got a hybrid," he tells one customer. "That's very in right now." Lorelai, despite having kept such late hours, is full of vim. She says she saw the sunrise, paid all her bills, and, for the first time ever, saw the beginning of The Today Show. While Luke sleeps on his feet, she rambles on that Katie and Matt are much more serious in the first half-hour than in the second, which she says makes sense, because people can deal with bad news when they first wake up. "But then," she says, "just as they're heading to the office, you leave them with a dose of Matthew McConaughey, People's Sexiest Man and whoosh they're rarin' to go." Luke says that, yes, Matthew McConaughey always gets him rarin', and the fan-fic just writes itself. Lorelai goes on that she's even volunteered to have a booth at the carnival this year and that she has her concept all worked out. She asks Luke if he has any special plans for later today and he suddenly becomes all goofy, overcompensating for his secret plans with April, Secret Daughter, whom he is visiting later on. He leaves her with a kiss as the guy with the hybrid coffee-tea (Cofftea? Don't bother, I just trademarked it.) announces that he's not loving it too much.In her scary stairwell, Rory sighs and picks up what appears to be yet another bouquet of flowers from the reptile Logan. They are beautiful flowers, and the dozens of bouquets inside are beautiful as well. Paris is less than pleased, saying that the criminal element surrounding the apartment might see all the flowers and gifts and think they're rich. "They scream bling," Paris says. "Bad guys see roses, then they come for our diamonds." Rory reminds her that they do not have diamonds. "The doo-wop group doesn't know that," Paris retorts, and tells her to put these latest flowers by the neon sign that says "Come Pistol-Whip Us."

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