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First of all, thanks to Kim for filling in for me last week. I'm bummed I didn't get to recap the episode that should have been titled Pamie's Shout-Out, but Kim did an awesome job. Now, I must address the following issues. Is Michel still wandering around looking for Lorelai's gift to beat Bruce McCulloch's Tobin? And hopefully Tobin will keep coming around. Can you believe this show did a Birthday Week? Do you know I've been celebrating Birthday Week for over four years? Even had a Birthday Week, back in its old incarnation. And on my Birthday Week, I had a Sephora day, too! Now, Lorelai does Birthday Week old school, with the last day of Birthday Week happening on the actual birthday. I like to do it the other way around, so that when people forget your birthday, they still have another seven days to get you a gift. I'm a little like Lorelai on my Birthday Week. I used to be more reserved and shy about it. Now I accept all presents with a great big celebration of joy. Because that's the response you want when you give a gift, right? Oh, and I was glad to see they reused the pizza delivery boy at the pizza place -- the kid with the afro. But what was up with Rory never calling Sookie to apologize for the pizza fiasco? In one episode, the girls made everyone who loved them hate them. Like that's new, I guess.

What? You want me to discuss this week's episode? Fine. Here goes.

Previously: Jess was not greater than or equal to CuteDean. Lorelai - Max = Lorelai. CuteDean + Lindsay = CuteDean. Jess + Max = Patience(Tested)(Infinity).

We open with Lorelai and Rory sitting on their couch. Lorelai comes up with an idea, but changes her mind before she says the entire sentence, prompting Rory to beg her not to do that anymore. She says it's just like someone saying "shave and a haircut" and then nothing more. Lorelai makes Rory finish the "two bits" so the world isn't forever on hold waiting for it. I have that reaction when you see open quotes in a paragraph but they never finish, so the rest of the book is one giant quote. I was joking with Djb about having my novel open with a set of quotation marks to end all of the open-quoted things I've ever read, finally finishing off that enormous speech one character has been having for volumes upon volumes of literature. Lorelai suggests that she and Rory have pizza and television for their Friday night. Rory thinks that's pretty lame, since it's Friday night and they should actually be doing something. But since both of them have pretty lame boyfriends, I guess it makes sense that they're with each other on a Friday night. Rory thinks they should be out hanging with their homies, but Lorelai complains that all of their Stars Hollow homies have early bedtimes. Rory suggests watching Kirk play video trivia at the pizza place. Lorelai says that would make them officially old. I'd like to add here that although I think everyone overreacted to Lorelai giving Emily the money in the last episode, I also think it's incredibly stupid for them to stop going to Friday dinners immediately, particularly when they don't have anything better to do this Friday night. Why not just go, to prove that the money wasn't what was bringing them together? Why immediately spend your evenings alone? This proves Emily's point, and looks childish on their part. Also, do you think they got rid of Friday night dinners because they were tired of us counting the Fridays? Now it'll be harder to determine what day it is. Pretty sneaky, Sis.

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