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Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out

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Is That A Balalaika In Your Pocket...

Rory has spent the night at Lane's, apparently, and is now headed out for the DAR event. Waste of Lane! We need more Lane! One scene is not enough! Rory thanks her for providing a place to crash. Lane says that any time Rory needs to is fine, and that she can't wait to hear the whole story. Rory sips her coffee and says she's "still living it." Lane tells her that she has a message on her cell phone from Rory's grandmother, and wonders how Emily even got the number. Rory sighs. "She's Emily Gilmore," Rory says, in explanation, and takes off for the event...

....which seems to be going swimmingly. Rory is handling the catering when Emily arrives (in another suit? Why would she change?) and insists on going somewhere and talking privately, right now. Rory refuses, saying she's needed there. Emily complains that the balalaikas are too loud, and demands again that Rory go with her to talk. Rory is mad and not having it, and says she will talk to her later. Emily flogs on, complaining that Rory is not wearing the dress she laid out, and Rory says that she is overreacting, and that she did not have time to go home. "You almost missed the event!" Emily says. "No," Rory corrects, highly frustrated, "I was early for the event. What I missed was your inspection of me back at the house; that's what you're upset about." Emily is incredulous, and says her "inspections" are for Rory's own good, since she doesn't know the proper DAR procedures for things. "I do okay," Rory says. Emily complains that Rory's address book, which she used to call people because she was worried about her, is ridiculous and outdated and that she's going to throw it out. Rory gets very mad, telling her not to do that. "I want to be very clear," she says. Emily's pissed: "You are becoming more and more like your mother with every passing day." Rory goes right back: "And you are becoming more like my mother's mother with every passing day." Aw, snap. Finally! Emily's head spins around and she tries to ground Rory, who reminds her that she is twenty-one and cannot be grounded. Oh, and by the way, Grandma? She hasn't been spending the night with Paris. She's been at Logan's. Emily can't take it. She lets loose the old "young lady, when your father gets home" threat, and Rory stops her. "You mean my grandfather?" she says, and snaps that she'd have to be living at the house to abide by their ridiculous house rules. Emily asks what she means by that, and with an ominous "You know what I mean," Rory snits off, leaving her grandmother standing there to face down the ringing balalaikas.

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