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Is That A Balalaika In Your Pocket...

The girls walk off; Lorelai can't believe Luke turned them down: "Wow. Oliver Twist just kindly asked for a little more gruel, and you kicked him right in the junk." Haaaaaaa! I will always laugh at jokes about kicking literary characters in the nuts. Luke is confused. "You broke those darling little girls' hearts," Lorelai explains. He says they'll find somebody else, and that he doesn't want to coach a soccer team. Lorelai tells him they don't need a coach: "How closely were you listening?" Luke says not very, since kids usually just yammer. Lorelai kinds of dogs him out about the sponsorships, making him feel jealous of Al's Pancake World, which sponsors a team and has its picture hanging in the restaurant. "Oh, Al's," Lorelai rhapsodizes, back on her original subject. "Sea green with burnt sienna trim..." Luke breaks down and goes over to the girls, agreeing to sponsor them.

Back at The Grandparents', Rory is headed out somewhere and is on her cell phone, talking to Logan. Apparently, he has once again been called into last-minute service by his father ["suspicious!!!" -- Wing Chun], and has to go on some business trip to visit a newspaper in Omaha. Whatever. He doesn't know where Omaha is, but no matter; he is organizing a blow-out get-together with his friends to, I don't know, celebrate his leaving town? I'd go to that party. Rory agrees to attend, and has to do evasive maneuvers to avoid running into Emily, who is sitting at the dining table. "My grandmother is everywhere," Rory says. Logan nods: "The older generation. They have their methods of ubiquity." Rory says she's convinced that there are really five Emilys wandering the house "like she's a Cylon." Hilarious. See how great it is when Rory gets good lines? It's cute, and nobody hates her. She's right, too, as Emily chooses the next moment to materialize and stop Rory before she can get out the door. She makes passive-aggressive chitchat, asking where Rory's off to, and whether she'll be sleeping over at Paris's again, tonight. Oh, now, come on. She asks what Rory's preference is for dinner that night, and Rory says she may not be there for dinner. Emily goes cold, telling her it's always best to give twenty-four hours' notice. Shamed, Rory apologizes, and then has to repeat over and over that she really has to go. Emily stops her again, though, to pull a dress out of...where? The dining room? It's a dress she's chosen for Rory to wear to the upcoming Russian Tea Rory is organizing for the DAR. Rory says she'll try it on later, and bugs out.

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