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Is That A Balalaika In Your Pocket...

In the next scene, we see her pulling back up the Big House, alone. She gets out and, hearing a noise, turns quickly to find none other than her first bad boy, Jess, standing there as if he materialized out of nowhere.

Let me say a few words about Jess. I didn't watch the show during the seasons where he was prominently featured, but I understand from the recaps that...well, there is some extreme Jess-hatred on the part of your average GG fan. Wing Chun, for example. I get the crazy, psychic feeling that she doesn't love him. ["Indeed, you have The Shine." -- Wing Chun] I kind of like Jess in this episode, but I have been told to reserve my judgment of him as the reemergence of his assy-ness is surely inevitable. ["He's definitely more tolerable than he was back in the day, but (a) that's not saying much, (b) he looks better by comparison to Logan, and (c) I will have no problem with him being Rory's friend, but he was a terrible boyfriend." -- Wing Chun] Right now, though, Jess is just weird, showing up in The Grandparents' driveway in the middle of the night. How did he know when she would be home? What was he going to do if she was there, but in bed? Ring the doorbell? Rory is surprised to see him, and a bit flustered. "Hi...I...Sorry." She stops herself: "That wasn't a sentence." He laughs and says he got the gist. She asks what he's doing there, and he jokes that he has a new job as a professional driveway skulker. Rory: "Pay's good?" Jess: "Yeah, but the hours suck." Aw. Do I really have to hate him? Come on! He's way cuter than NotCuteDean! Jess says that no, really, he's in town on some "business," and that Luke told him where Rory was. He tells her he has something he wants to show her, and she suddenly remembers that they're standing in the driveway. "We're kind of exposed, here," Rory says, indicating Emily's window, above. He says he could come back another time, which is also weird, because...if you could come back at another time, why are you there at 2 in the morning? Rory invites him inside, saying they have to be quiet as her G-mother is a light sleeper...

...and then promptly takes him to her bedroom, conveniently located next door to her light-sleeping grandmother. This huge house and grounds and her only option is that room? Sometimes this show stresses me out. Rory makes excuses for her room, saying it's not really decorated to her tastes. "Yeah," he says, "not unless you've aged about ninety years." It is pretty chintzy. I can't believe Emily hasn't redecorated. Rory makes more excuses, kind of trying to explain why she's staying there -- that there's some trouble between her and her mom -- but Jess doesn't push her to explain. He asks why she's even there, if school's in session, and she finally has to tell him she's not going. "You graduate already, Doogie?" he jokes. No, Rory says. She's just taking a little time off. "'Time off,'" Jess repeats, in that "I may be a ne'er-do-well, but at least I'm not lying to myself" kind of way. She nods, feeling the burn. She changes the subject, asking where he's living now. He tells her not to laugh, and says he's in Philadelphia now. She agrees that Philadelphia's gotten cool, to which I say: how would you know, Rory? And also, when wasn't Philadelphia cool? Whatever, they babble kind of stupidly about how cool Philly is and how Rory saw a picture in The New York Times of some Philadelphia artists and yada yada...

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