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Is That A Balalaika In Your Pocket...

Rory trails off, and Jess realizes she's nervous. "It's been a long time," she acknowledges. He's nervous, too, so he gets down to business, pulling from his bag the thing he wants to show her. It's a book. Rory nods, wondering what it's all about, until she realizes that it's a book he wrote, himself. "You wrote a book?" she asks, incredulous. She repeats it over and over as he explains that it's a short novel: "I got it to these guys that have a small press. They read it. I don't know if they were high, or something, but they decided to publish it." Rory is speechless. Jess kind of shrugs it off, saying it's not that big a deal -- that there's no money in it, but that he's in town to try to talk bookstores into stocking it. He's gotten it into a few, he says. Rory is thrilled for him. "I want to see it in a store," she says. She says that when she does see it, she's going to sneak it up to the staff recommendations section in the front and write her own recommendation on a card and attach it. I love it. Man, when Pamie's book came out, my husband and I went to every bookstore in town, moved her book to the front tables, made it face out on the shelves, photographed ourselves with it, had loud conversations in the aisles about what brilliant literature it is AWESOME to see a friend in print. Rory is very proud. She says she knew Jess was capable of doing something like this. He says he knows she's always known, and goes on to say that he works at the press that published his book, now, and that he likes it. As he gets up to leave, saying it's kind of late, he tells Rory he wanted to show her the book because he couldn't have done it without her. She thanks him, touched. He says that he'd like to see her again, since he's going to be around for a few days, and they make arrangements to meet the next night.

Luke and Lorelai are at the soccer field, ready to see Luke's team in action. Lorelai wonders where the bleachers are, and when Luke says they don't have those at these games, wonders where they'll go when they want to sneak off and make out. "I don't think they'd mind," he says, "if we did it right here in front of them." Hee. "So," Lorelai says, "these are 'soccer moms.'" Luke says yeah, or just bored spinsters. "They seem very concerned with education and national security," Lorelai jokes. Cute, but what's with that spinsters line, anyway? I don't even get that. Plus, shut up Luke. I love you, but your jersey looks like an apron and you are wearing fingerless gloves, which is dinky. One of the moms rushes over to greet them and says that Luke will be proud, since the girls really give it their all on the field. He's more concerned with the uniforms, and mocks the other team's cheap fabric and stitching. "Look at the sponsor," Lorelai says. "Fred's Dry Cleaning. Ruined a favorite sweater years ago. Today he pays." Tillie and Megan run over, preciously cute in their uniforms, and thank Luke. He reminds him that there will be a celebration at the diner after the game, win or lose. The girls say they think they have a shot at winning, and take off for the field. Lorelai mentions to Luke that she took Paul Anka to doggy day care that morning, and that she thinks it's going to go well for him: "He played dead for a couple seconds, and when that didn't work, he ran off playing with the other dogs." Luke looks genuinely uncomfortable with the constant dog discussion, and says he is sure Paul Anka will be fine.

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