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Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out

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Is That A Balalaika In Your Pocket...

Outside, Rory catches up with Jess and tries to apologize to him, making excuses for Logan -- he's tired and dealing with his family and has had a lot to drink. "What the hell is going on?" Jess says, shaking his head. Rory starts repeating that Logan's just tired and his family is dumb, but Jess interrupts her. "No," he says. "With you. What's going on with YOU?" Rory is confused and asks what he means. He tells her she knows what he means -- that he knows her better than anyone and that the life she's living isn't "her." Rory still doesn't get it. "What are you DOING?" Jess continues. "Living at your grandparents' place, being in the DAR? No Yale? WHY did you drop out of YALE?" No, really, I love Jess. Man, Rory has had this smackdown coming for a while. Why is he the only one who delivers? She gets offended, telling him that the situation is complicated and that he doesn't know, but he goes on: "This isn't YOU. What's going ON?" Rory is speechless, but man, oh, man -- say what you want about the beautiful Alexis Bledel, but it's coming across loud and clear here that Rory is beginning to see the sad reality of her whole situation. "I don't know..." she says, again, kind of pitifully, and the disappointment shows in Jess's face. He walks away, but turns again to say that he remembered her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and wishes her a happy one. She smiles at him, sadly...

...and then, pausing for only a second, Rory stomps back into the bar for a SHOWDOWN with Fratty McGee, who is still throwing back drinks. He tries to joke around with her, but it doesn't work. "You were a jerk, Logan," she says, as we watch her lately non-existent backbone begin to knit itself back together. Logan says hey, he was just "challenging" the sensitive writer, and that if Jess had any Hemingwayesque pugnacity, he would have thrown a punch or two. He tells her not to let Jess get to her, but she corrects him that it's HIM who is getting to her: "He wrote a book, and you mocked him." Logan denies that he mocked Jess. "He's doing something," Rory continues. Logan shakes his head. "Good, he's doing something," he says. "Everybody in the world is doing something; more power to 'em." Rory says, however, that she's not doing something. She's not doing anything! And she's mad about it! Finally!: "I'm living with my grandparents." Logan says it's temporary, and that she should have a drink. "I'm palling with my grandmother," she goes on. "I'm being waited on by a maid. I come home and my shoes are magically shined, my clothes are magically cleaned, ironed, and laid out. My bed is magically turned down. I' the DAR? I'm...going to meetings and teas and cocktail parties?"

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