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Previously on Gilmore Girls: Rory met CuteDean. Lorelai met Mustang Max. CuteDean kissed Rory while she held a box of cornstarch. Max asked Lorelai out on a date. He then tried to get laid on the first date. CuteDean told Rory that he loved her, so they broke up. Max asked for a break. Luke's Rachel showed up. Luke didn't know if he wanted her to stay. Lorelai told Rory that she has to be able to say the words "I love you." Lorelai told Max that she missed him. Well, that's out of order, but that's how it was edited this time.

Okay. So for some reason this episode was written by Daniel Palladino and was directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino. I much prefer it to be the other way around. It seems like Daniel's trying to capture Amy's style and it's coming off more as desperate. Amy is directing in a crazy-hokey manner. You'll see when we get there. Let's go.

Morning. Quiet. Fade down to Lorelai asleep in bed. Suddenly, there is loud banging and Lorelai is jolted awake. "Good God almighty and Mr. Mirkle!" Lorelai shouts. I have no idea what that means. I rewound five times and finally used the closed captioning for it. Yahoo! is at an equal loss.

Lorelai walks into Rory's room and finds her asleep. She wakes Rory up and says that she can't believe Rory can sleep though all of this. "The frickin' Blue Man Group is outside our front door!" she shouts. And that I not only get, but think is pretty damn funny. Rory says that she was asleep and that it was "[her] insane Margot Kidder mother" who woke her up. Do you see what I mean about Daniel's writing? Amy would have picked the best of the three. Maybe she'd have two. But there would at least have been some normal lines in between.

Lorelai walks out on the porch and finds Luke hammering the railing. She asks what he's doing. He says he's fixing the porch rail. She laughs and then shouts that it's 6:30 in the morning; then she wails and asks why he's fixing it. Luke says he noticed it the last time he was over, and that it could hurt someone if it stays broken. Lorelai says she likes it the way it is. She's screaming, and Luke tells her that she's going to wake the neighbors. Lorelai asks whether he could also pound his head while he's out there. Still screeching, she then asks him to pound a "For Sale" sign out on the lawn. She walks and screeches that he has to pound those two things in that order or he'll be "too dizzy to do the sign thing." She's then locked out of the house. She calls for Rory. Luke tries to help, but Lorelai is ignoring him. Lorelai keeps yelling and pounding until Sally Struthers warbles out of her front door to tell Lorelai she's going to wake the entire neighborhood. Rory walks out and says she's "officially annoyed." Lorelai says that it's not her fault, it's Luke's. She turns to point the Finger of Blame, but Luke is gone. Rory pulls Lorelai back into the house as Lorelai tries to maintain that she's not crazy and that Luke was here banging on the porch. Fade to opening credits.

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