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Who Wrote the Book of Love?

Lorelai walks downstairs and out her front door. There's a cat on her porch -- a skinny version of my cat Cal. Lorelai and the cat stare at each other. Lorelai, her eyes trained on the cat, slowly bends down to pick up her newspaper. The cat continues to stare back. Lorelai slowly backs into the house and immediately calls her daughter. "They know," she says. "The cats. They know that I've broken up with Jason and that I'm alone. And they've decided that it's time for me to become a crazy cat lady." Rory says that a cat on her doorstep is better than a bun in her oven. Lorelai says that the cat was staring at her. She looks out the window and sees that it's still there. Rory tells her that it's just a stray passing through, and that Lorelai should stop staring at it and it'll go away. How does Rory ever make it to a single class on time? Lorelai says that this isn't fair, that she only just broke up with Jason and that it wasn't even her fault and that she's not old and that her eggs are still viable. She's not Babette. Rory points out that Babette isn't single. Lorelai says that everybody can see it in her face: "She's single -- again! She couldn't make it work -- again! She picked the wrong guy -- again!" Rory tells Lorelai to get a grip. A second cat joins the first and Lorelai shrieks, complaining that the cats aren't even easing her into this. She realizes that it's time to start collecting newspapers and magazines, put on a blue bathrobe, and lose her front teeth. I may have front teeth, but I'm wearing a bathrobe and my magazine basket is overflowing, and in terms of cats? I have three. "Yarn balls," Lorelai says. "I need to find some yarn balls." Lorelai, check my coat closet. I've got tons of them. Lorelai goes back to the porch, where she sees the backs of what could be my cats Cal and Taylor. The Taylor cat almost leaps at Lorelai. "Hey," she says to the cats. "I am a young, desirable woman." The cats stare back, thinking, "Foodfoodfoodfoodfoodfoodfood."

I love this ad Jared Padalecki made, giving us a spoiler about him being around for the next few weeks. And in case you didn't know, this week's EW has a pie chart on why this show is "suddenly worth watching again." 10% is "Lane's band," which means my friend Todd Lowe has about 2% of the credit to this show getting good again. Awesome. Oddly enough, I didn't make the pie chart.

Lorelai suddenly wakes up in bed, calls a number, and mumbles a to-do list into the phone. Then she does it again. These are to-do lists for other people. "Oh, boy," she moans to herself. I'd like to be there when Lorelai tells Sookie there's too much salt in her gazpacho.

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