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Luke Gets Drunk

Firelight festival. The Troubadour sings with a band. Scarf count: I'm gonna have to just give up now. Crazy Carrie has brought over her two friends: Anna and Jill. Three Little Whores From School are we/ Pert as a floozy tramp can be./ Filled to the brim with stuff nasty/ Three Little Whores From School! They are tipsy from the reunion. Luke advises them to take some aspirin and drink plenty of water. Carrie says she told her friends that he doesn't remember "tha' night." Luke rudely tells the girl that he has no recollection of ever making out with her. Anna and Jill remember the night, though, and tell Luke that the entire reunion was talking about it. Apparently, all the girls had crushes on Butch Danes back in the day: "So serious. So intense." Carrie finishes: "So hot in those tiny, little shorts." Luke excuses himself to go find his sister. Carrie offers to "help him look," an old tramp trick to get him into bed. The girls flirt that there's always room for a foursome. Luke says, "So, twenty years later and none of you girls are married?" Carrie says they're all married. Cue Liz. Luke turns to leave, but Carrie pulls down one side of her dress and tells him that they're all going to the Styx/Journey/REO Speedwagon concert, and that they've got an extra ticket. Luke says that if it were just Styx and REO Speedwagon, he'd be in. But Journey "freaks [him] out."

T.J. is bragging to Miss Patty and her two boy toys that there was a line a mile long for Liz's earrings that day. Isn't that bizarre, the bonfire, and how it looks completely fake behind them? Why even bother with a bonfire? Oh. I'll bet it's because it's the "Firelight Festival." T.J. tells Miss Patty that they're headed to Minnesota next month for their big Ren Faire, and that this time they're going to use the booth he made for Liz. According to Liz, it's "the greatest booth." What makes a booth great? Three sides? T.J. says you need a great booth, since the earrings are so small: "But a booth, and a nice sign." He was on 21 Jump Street! In 1993. This man can't be as old as the character he's playing, or as old as he looks. Maybe it's just his hair. In the firelight, he's looking a bit younger. Luke walks up and barely displays any emotion when he tells his sister he heard she was leaving after the festival. In fact, he doesn't even bother to finish a sentence. They walk off together to chat.

Liz tells Luke this festival hasn't changed since they were kids. Luke says it's the same festival their mom took them to. Liz says it's the same festival their dad took them to after their mom died. "He hated it worse than we did," Luke says. "He only took us 'cause Mom liked it." Liz reminisces about the first time she threw up from the festival's Founder's Day Punch. "That's a nice story," Luke says. Liz laughs and apologizes for Jess. Face us when you say that, Liz. We'd like an apology, too. She apologizes for not telling Luke that they'd been in touch. They'd been talking for the past six months and he'd asked Liz not to tell Luke they'd talked. That makes it even worse! Luke says it's okay. Liz says that she has a feeling about Jess, and that she thinks he's going to be okay: "He's kind of like Dad, don't you think?" Luke doesn't know, but Liz is sure. She thanks him for everything he did. Luke says he at least tried. Liz says that sometimes things take a while to sink in. I swear to God, the second I started thinking, "This scene is getting boring," Liz apologizes for being so boring. We find out that T.J.'s real name is Gary. Luke says that he heard Gary talking back there, and that it sounds like things are going well. Liz says they're really good. She then hands Luke a pair of earrings she made last night: "You can give them to your wife. Or Lorelai. Whoever." Luke guffaws a bit on Lorelai's name. Hey, Liz, don't you want to meet Luke's wife? Liz asks Luke to tell Gary she went back to get her things. They hug. Liz leaves.

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