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Luke Gets Drunk

Rory enters the bakery and orders a large coffee and a cherry danish. Scarves: Nine. Rory bumps into Jess. Hoodlums: One. Jess is sitting at a table reading. He sees Rory. She sees him. They stare at each other. Jess stands. "I'm leaving," he says, and then he does. Best scene ever.

Out by the gazebo, Kirk does some funny business with Joe, the Perry Farrell-looking guy who has the crazy hair. Kirk wants to talk on his walkie-talkie, but Joe has lost his and cannot hear where Kirk is telling him to move some heavy object. Lorelai walks through this and surprisingly doesn't laugh at them. Scarves: Ten.

Lorelai spots Luke's truck and runs up to it, yelling about her broken window. But inside the truck is Liz, not Luke. When Lorelai tells her she thought Liz was Luke, Liz says she knew she should have worn some lipstick. Except that she is, and it's brown. Liz tells Lorelai that Luke knows she borrowed the truck. She introduces herself and asks if Lorelai wants to give Liz a message for Luke. Lorelai says her window is still broken, and that she needs it fixed by 5. Liz correctly assumes that Lorelai is "the wife." Lorelai says she's "the friend" and "the customer," but nothing more than that. I think that Liz is wearing a sheer scarf, but it's tucked into her jacket: Eleven. If Liz grew up in Stars Hollow, how does Lorelai know nothing about her? ["The same way she knew nothing about Luke's longtime girlfriend Rachel?" -- Wing Chun] Is this the first time she's ever been to Stars Hollow in the past nineteen years? Hold on: the scarf might be velour. Liz tells Lorelai that she looks like Luke's type, and apologizes for the mix-up. Lorelai tells Liz that Luke has told her a lot about Liz, like she's his sister and she's visiting and he's happy to see her. Liz says he didn't say that last thing. "I think he did," says Lorelai. Liz says that Luke's probably not too thrilled that she's in town, because she has a tendency to mess things up, and then he fixes it, and then she messes up again and he fixes it. She says Luke's always fixing things for her -- finding her apartments, getting her jobs, giving her money. I really can't imagine her saying all of this. I bet she wouldn't think Luke's fixing anything at all, or that she needs fixing. Wasn't she saying she was in town to tell Luke how great she's doing and how happy she is? Liz asks Lorelai if she ever met Jess. "Oh, yeah, I did," Lorelai says. Liz says that Luke tried to fix what she screwed up with her son. She wishes she'd sent Jess to Stars Hollow sooner. If she had, perhaps Rory would be pregnant by now. Liz calls Luke her hero. Lorelai admits that she's run to Luke many times: "He's definitely one of the good ones. Maybe the good one." Maybe the good one. Maybe the one. Liz says she's been thinking about moving back to Stars Hollow because she misses Luke so much. Ever notice when people film scenes where they're sitting in cars, they always put their hands on the steering wheel while they're talking? Lorelai reminds Liz to tell Luke to hurry up to her house to fix something, and Liz drives off.

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