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Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found The Gnostic Gospels

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Luke Gets Drunk

Luke's. He's going through a stack of orders or something. T.J. comes in and says, "There you are!" Luke says, "Yes, here I am, at my job. Will wonders never cease?" T.J. tells Luke that there's a huge party outside, and that he should come out and see it. Luke says that he's seen that festival thousands of times, because he lives there. T.J. says that he and Liz are leaving after the festival, so maybe Luke could come out and say goodbye. Luke says he'll head out as soon as he's done. T.J. asks when that would be, since it looks like Luke's almost done flipping through pieces of paper. Luke says he'll be out soon. T.J. says he'll hold Luke to that. Seriously, I have no reason to think T.J. is an idiot of any kind. Seems like a nice guy. It wasn't his fault they brought him to Jump Street three years too late.

Fancy speech at fancyness. The man thanks everyone for supporting the rare manuscript acquisition whatever: "Because without it, we would be stuck brooding around Nag Hammadi." (See episode title, and then see internet.) Everybody politely laughs. Lorelai tells Rory she doesn't get the joke. Rory doesn't either. "You go to Yale," she tells Rory. "Well, I skipped Rare Manuscript Humor 101." Lorelai asks Digger what the joke meant. Digger confesses that he was just laughing because everyone else was, and assumes that not a single person in the room got the joke. Lorelai calls everybody a bunch of poseurs. Digger quietly asks Lorelai how far they can push this thing -- dancing, a stroll on the terrace, making out in the coat-check room? Richard heads out to find Ferimen. Emily stands to stay hello to some woman. Lorelai asks how much longer she has to pretend to like Digger. Emily tells Lorelai that they're stuck together all night long. Lorelai tells Digger she just secured the coat-check room. She tells her daughter that she's off to make out: "Don't eat the chicken."

An older man comes up to Digger and starts chatting politely. Digger asks him about business. Business is fine. The man asks Digger about his golf game. Digger says it's no match to the man's. "Good to see you again," the man says, and leaves. Digger sits back down and tells Lorelai that was his father. Lorelai: "And you two have met before?" Digger says that was downright warm for them, and that his dad's asking about his golf game was a little more touchy-feely than he's comfortable with. Lorelai can't believe there's someone she can put Emily up next to and think "warm." Richard walks over and says he just heard that Digger's father was in the room. Lorelai can't believe how fast word travels around there. Emily, too, just heard the news and comes running over. Richard thinks Digger's father must have something up his sleeve if he's there, particularly if he didn't ask Digger anything about business. He wants to leave to strategize immediately. Digger and Lorelai have dirty plans, so they try to rationalize things. Emily tells Lorelai to stay out of it, and Richard tells Digger he's been in this business too long and knows when something is afoot. Digger and Richard leave. Emily tells Lorelai that nobody was buying them as a couple anyway.

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