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We're reminded that, last season, Luke figured out that he loved Lorelai and freaked out when she thought about selling the Inn. Rory was advised by one, biased, pompous ass, her boyfriend's dad, that she didn't have what it takes to be a journalist, so she had a meltdown and stole a boat. That didn't go so well. She got arrested and melted down further, eventually deciding, in the face of her mother's rage, to leave school and move in with her grandparents. Lorelai, betrayed by her daughter and her parents, turned to Luke and overcome by his show of loyalty and devotion, proposed to him. He answered: "What?" Cliffhanger!

So, now here we are. The moment. They've even tried to make it look the same as when we cut away last season, but something's not quite right, I don't know. They tried. I wasn't recapping this last season, so let me take this moment to say that, smoking hot though she is, I am seeing a little too much of Lauren Graham's breasts. They are very nice, and all, but it's primetime.

Oh, the proposal. Lorelai repeats the question and, without waiting for another beat, Luke answers, yes. She assures him he doesn't have to answer so fast, and he interrupts to say yes, again. She tries to ask if he needs more time, and he jumps in again to say no. Lorelai takes a deep breath, happy, and they look at each other. It's very sweet. Lorelai asks what they should do to commemorate the moment, and Luke says he doesn't know, this is new for him. (Except, he was married before, I remember, and I assume that union was preceded by some sort of proposal.) Lorelai, tears in her eyes, says they have to do something official: "I mean, we're getting married, Luke. Married. You and me. Luke 'Table for One' Danes and Lorelai 'I'm Sorry, Can I Get An Industrial Forklift For My Emotional Baggage' Gilmore are getting married." Now, here is where you might expect oh, normal people, to leap into each others' arms to celebrate. Maybe even kiss. I know, call me crazy, but they just got engaged. To each other. ["Thank you!" -- Wing Chun] But they don't kiss, or hug, or shake hands. They don't touch at all. Still, they smile and look all blissful and nervous, and race around looking for something to toast with. Luke's got nothing except grapefruit juice and Worcestershire sauce, and it is agreed that neither of those is very festive. Why don't they just toast with coffee? Isn't their whole jittery, chatty relationship based on coffee, anyway?

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