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Snotty Girls Need Love Too

Lorelai and Rory walk through the town playing an alphabet game. With each letter the other has to come up with a disease that begins with that letter. It's how they decide who has to clean out the refrigerator. The game ends when Lorelai spots puppies in the park. Puppies, people. Because this show just isn't cute enough on its own? We need puppies in here, too? Lorelai giggles straight over to one and points her out to Rory. The puppy's name is "Buttercup." She's a stray that was found on a highway. Lorelai points out that Buttercup was abandoned on a very sad highway. Rory says that every highway is quite sad. The puppy gives a very sad face. Lorelai reads off Buttercup's "lineage," which basically solidifies her standing as a mutt. Rory continues reading: "Buttercup is a special dog. She tends to react badly towards blonde-haired females, brunet males, children of either sex, other animals, red clothing, cabbage, or anyone in a uniform." Lorelai spots Luke and says to him, "Hey! We just found the doggie version of you." Luke warns the animal shelter volunteer not to let either Lorelai or Rory go home with any of the dogs. "They can barely feed themselves," he mutters. Lorelai starts to fantasize about life with Buttercup until Rory reminds her of "Skippy." Luke asks for the Skippy story. Lorelai says that Luke wouldn't care what the Skippy story is, but Rory tells him anyway. Skippy was a hamster Lorelai used to own that would bite her whenever she got near him. Lorelai interjects here that Skippy would also laugh at her after he bit. Lorelai got angry with Skippy and refused to clean his cage, and instead would shove pieces of Kleenex into the cage each day until eventually Skippy's cage was a giant piece of tissue paper that moved. Lorelai then took the cage back to the pet store where she bought Skippy, waited until there was no one behind the counter, overturned the cage's contents onto the counter and ran away. Luke is appalled that Lorelai would abandon her hamster. Lorelai says that Skippy was an evil "Damien" hamster. She tries to come up with more demonic adjectives for Skippy, loses her steam, and says goodbye to both Buttercup and Luke. Rory puts her arm around Lorelai and says she did the right thing. "I want a pet!" Lorelai whines. Rory reminds her that she has her. Lorelai says that Rory never brings her her slippers in the morning. Rory says she would if Lorelai had some. Lorelai asks if she can put a collar on Rory. Rory scoffs. Lorelai adds that the collar would be pink. "You're sick," Rory says. "Hey. Watch how you talk to me. Remember what happened to Skippy." Rory and Lorelai walk away, leaving the townies to silently mull over the puppies until the opening credits kick in.

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Gilmore Girls




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