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Well, here we are, gentle readers, at the end of this crazy season. I'd like to say how sad I am about this being my last Gilmore Girls recap for a while, but I ain't. With the news that the show's creators are leaving, and contemplating the absolute lurch in which they are leaving the fans of this program, I kind of feel weird and sour about coming to this very bitter end. Allegedly, there will be at least one more season lead by a new showrunner, but the pit is deep, and I wonder how he will dig these characters out.

Lorelai wakes up on the couch at Sookie's, while the family runs around behind her, trying and failing to be quiet and not disturb their guest. It's a great scene -- Melissa McCarthy really makes me laugh sometimes -- with a tight close-up of Lauren Graham, whose face goes through several phases of realization, while Sookie and Jackson stage whisper to Davey in the background to be quiet. Sookie tells Jackson that she's worried about Lorelai, and though Lorelai didn't exactly talk about what was bothering her, Sookie knows that it's about Luke.

Meanwhile, in town, Taylor is confronted with something of an invasion. He comes out of the pastry shop and, to his surprise, sees a strange troubadour -- the awesome Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers -- strike up a song on the sidewalk. ("Amazing Glow" is a great song and inspired me to buy the album.) Well done, evil WB corporate overlords. Couldn't have thrown your favorite recapper a bone and put just one more band in the episode, huh? Taylor is unmoved by the gorgeous lyrics and stomps hysterically away.

In their apartment, Rory and Logan are preparing to head out to his graduation ceremony and are being -- DARE I SAY IT? -- impossibly cute. Truly, when I fall in love with these two, we should abandon all hope. I have never been one to totally hate Rory; she's just too darn pretty for me to really snub (though she sure very much needed to shut up this season), but...Logan? Charming me? Cats and dogs are living together in peace. Lions are laying down with lambs. Camels are going through eyes of needles, etc. Pretend it's opposite day and hold your breath, because I am about to call them cute again.

Rory takes what is apparently one of dozens of photographs of Logan, as he puts on his tie. "Yo, Alfred Stieglitz," he says, cutely, "stop with the pictures." Rory pouts, saying that she prefers to be compared to Cartier-Bresson, and snaps away, saying that he only graduates from college once, and that she will document it to her heart's content. "At least I'm clothed in these," he says, launching into a diatribe of how he doesn't even know why he's doing this; his family sucks, and there will be all manner of Huntzbergers at the graduation. They'll come see him graduate with thousands of others, but won't visit him in the hospital when he almost dies? Rory says that she will have no problem at the ceremony, since she is a master at avoiding people. "I didn't say 'people'," Logan says. "I said Huntzbergers." She brushes this off, returning again to the subject of her excellent photography skills. "Every one of these is a keeper," she says, showing him the digital pictures. "Okay," he says, sighing, "that's a close up of my naked butt. That's not a keeper." Rory nods: "You're right. That's a screensaver."

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