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Balls. But Not In That Funny Way.

We start with Emily's newest maid opening the door for Rory and Lorelai. That means it's Friday night. The newest maid is named Liesl, but don't you bother learning; she won't be around too long. She doesn't know Rory or Lorelai, so Lorelai takes it upon herself to introduce themselves: riffing on Liesl, Lorelai says she's Brigitta and Rory's Gretl. Liesl lets Lorelai and Rory into the house, but they stop shortly after the doorway. Emily and Richard are having a giant fight upstairs. "Why don't you go hide in the kitchen," Lorelai suggests to Liesl. Liesl is incredibly grateful and runs away. "I think George and Martha are joining us for dinner," Lorelai says to Rory. I know many of you Gilmore Girls fans are young. Do you get that joke? If you do, I'm proud of you. Good schools. Questionable parents.

Richard and Emily walk halfway down their staircase, still fighting. Emily wants to go to some of the events for the charities and groups she supports. Richard says he's too busy with work, and that Emily will have to skip these events. Emily is concerned about what people will think about them. Richard certainly isn't. He calls Emily's functions "frivolous parties." Emily's unhappy about that. She storms back up the stairs, and Richard follows her. Rory asks Lorelai whether they should leave so they don't embarrass Richard and Emily. Lorelai wishes she had brought some popcorn. Richard and Emily walk halfway down the stairs again, still unaware that Rory and Lorelai have arrived. Emily is reading off a list of functions they've had to skip because of Richard. Emily argues that they aren't living up to their social obligations. Richard thinks that by skipping the social engagements, they demonstrate that they are busy having their own lives, making money, and being responsible adults. Emily thinks that these engagements are her responsibilities. Richard thinks they are social engagements. When Emily argues that they aren't, Richard informs her that any occasion at which you serve tea is a social engagement. Lorelai appreciates her father's joke. Emily walks back upstairs to get a tape recorder so that Richard can hear how pompous and condescending he sounds. Richard says it's not necessary. Emily says that she wouldn't want him to take her word for it because she might be delirious from all the tea she's been drinking. Rory states that they should leave. Lorelai says that this is "good dinner theater," adding that they just showed up for Friday dinner like they always do, and they're completely innocent. She says they couldn't have predicted they were going to walk into "The Lion King without the puppet heads."

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