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Luke's. Kirk's seated at a table, calling for everyone to return their ribbons. Two Luke lovers return theirs. Luke begs Kirk to stop shouting my last name and put everything away. Kirk informs us that Luke and Lorelai have reconciled. "I know, Kirk," Luke says. "I was there." Kirk says it's time for the town to start healing post-reconciliation. He adds that in his case he literally needs to heal, since he got an inch of his "chest flesh" in one of those pins. He then screams Lulu's name from inside the diner. Lulu's outside, proudly wearing her pink ribbon. She won't take hers off because she likes pink. Kirk screams that this is bigger than her love of pink. Lulu heaves herself, shouting, "NO!" and runs away from the diner. I’m having a similar reaction here in this coffee shop, since they've just started playing that damn same Norah Jones song it appears we legally have to hear every single day. ["Better that than that horrendous new Jennifer Lopez single, with the 'Oh-oh-oh, o-OH-oh-oh,' which gets played at least once every single time I go to the gym." -- Wing Chun]

Lorelai enters as Kirk leaves, asking Luke if he just saw all that. Luke says Stars Hollow needs a giant butterfly net store. Lorelai has brought a Weston's coffee into Luke's. He still kisses her a "welcome." Just as I noticed the cup, so did Luke. He becomes outraged that Lorelai brought someone else's coffee into his shop. It's like she has sex with him using Taylor's penis. Whoa, that's the grossest thing I've ever written here in these recaps. I apologize to all of you. Luke calls today the Day of Their Reconciliation. Quick, mark your calendars. Is it Friday? Lorelai loves Weston's coffee because they make the fancy-pants coffees with whipped cream and caramel swirls, and with the extra letters "c-h-i-n-o." Luke calls her drink disgusting; Lorelai prefers to call it "lover." Kirk opens the diner door and rests against the frame, panting, clutching Lulu's be-ribboned sweater in his hand. "Man, that was hard," he says. "She must have stretched first." Kirk tosses Lulu's sweater into the discarded pink ribbon box. We try out a calmer, gentler, strummier strummy-strummy (minus la) as we fade to opening credits.

Rory and Logan walk through a darkened, mostly abandoned Yale, post-date. Rory says that Logan's snoring tipper her off that he wasn't a big fan of the theatre. Logan corrects her; he wasn't snoring, he was groaning. He says that all plays are painful. Rory tells him he's missing out, because she and Lorelai recently saw Caroline, or Change, and it was amazing. She tries to school him on who Tony Kushner is, but Logan informs Rory that he's familiar with the man: his mom plays Canasta with him regularly. Rory calls Logan's life "magical." My opinion of the fake Tony Kushner has plummeted. Rory says she'd better get to her Mah Jongg with Mamet, but Logan suggests ice cream instead. He pulls Rory along, despite her protests due to her pretty high heels. Rory doesn't seem to carry a purse. Logan sure does pull Rory by the arm often.

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