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Lorelai stumbles into her dimly lit kitchen to find Rory on what could only be described as a coke bender. She's making mac and cheese in the middle of the night because she's still on her finals schedule. Oh, her laundry's done! And she'll just do jumping jacks right now, if that's okay with you. She loves mac and cheese! Rory makes the grossest mac and cheese ever, with a bowl of hot pasta covered in individual cheese slices (ew!). As Rory folds slices into her noodles (see?), she chatters on about how she's going to have to get a summer job so she won't have to swipe lunch cards next year. Because it took up so much of her time this year. Lorelai falls onto a chair as Rory fetches her load of whites. Rory carries the laundry basket to her room as she wonders if she could be a fact-checker for the Stars Hollow Gazette. Lorelai seizes the opportunity to lock her daughter in her room by closing the door and propping a chair under the knob. (Wonder Killer Activate: The door opens the other way, so that chair wouldn't actually keep the door from opening. But while we're on the subject of things people used to do in the '70s and '80s in order to thwart and/or deceive...why doesn't anybody knock anyone out with chloroform anymore? Ah, that ubiquitous bottle and white handkerchief! It was the best part about playing "Spy," pretending to go on about your day, getting grabbed from behind suddenly -- your mouth covered, you'd widen your eyes and make a muffled, shocked sound. Then you'd struggle for three seconds and then pass out. Good times. What replaced chloroform? Roofies?)

We could play a game called "Spot the Dragonfly" in this episode, with the number of them on clothes, jewelry, decorations, and conversation subjects, but that would be higher than a scarf count. Lorelai and Michel walk down the stairs as Michel reads off the room assignments. Lorelai asks Michel why he skipped Room 4. Michel explains that 4 is taken by some of his friends. Lorelai says that Michel's beloved chows cannot stay at The Dragonfly. Hey, aren't Paw-Paw and Chin-Chin also the names of Martha Stewart's chows? Michel whines that the dogs can't stay home by themselves, or they will get lonely and "eat expensive Italian things." Lorelai tells Grumpy Tom she's putting Post-Its where they need paint touch-ups. This seems like it'll be a set-up for a joke later, but it's not. Lorelai says she'd really like the doors to have arrived by Saturday, when they're doing their test run. Tom says that the doors are coming. They are? Ooh. I hope they play "Soul Kitchen." Michel compares his dogs to Rory, saying that the canines are both cleaner and quieter than Lorelai's offspring is. Michel says he loves his dogs as much as Lorelai loves Rory. Lorelai says she carried Rory for nine months and twenty-six hours (for those of you crafting the home game), and so there's no comparison. Michel says he would have given birth to his puppies if he could.

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