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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

I'm back. Did you miss me? Props to ragdoll for covering the last couple of weeks while I gathered all of my belongings and moved to L.A.

We open on the usual Friday Night Rumble between Lorelai and Emily. Emily mentions between snips that her lawyer is coming by tomorrow. Emily tells Rory to go around the house after dinner and put Post-It Notes on everything she'd like them to leave her in their will. Rory declares that anything they want to leave her would be fine, but Emily says she'd rather Rory get things that she'd like to have. My roommate leans over and tells me that he did the same thing in his grandparents' house after they passed away. ["My grandma asked us to do that, too, and she's only in her sixties. All the stuff I mentioned was really small -- this ladybug-shaped stapler she kept on her desk in her bedroom, a honey pot shaped like a little beehive -- and she ended up giving those things to me when I got married. Aw. But anyway." -- Wing Chun] Between sips of beer, he offers, "As gross as it sounds, it's very efficient." I look up at his antique fan entwined with cow bones that now sits on our fireplace mantel and wonder if that once had a yellow Post-It stuck to the blade scribbled with, "Mine. Nuh-uh. Go away. Nothing to see here." Lorelai says that her parents have hit a new level of low that even she must marvel at. Emily says she can pick out things as well. Lorelai smiles and says, "Oh. Now it's way less creepy." Emily raises her cup, looks at Grandpa and says, "Did you hear that, Richard? Apparently, we're creepy." "Creepy" is a very fun word to say. Dessert is then served and Lorelai is amazed that the crystal bowls contain pudding. She loves pudding, but can't believe they are actually getting to eat pudding. There is much repetition of the word "pudding." Rory wiggles and says she's never had pudding out of a crystal bowl before. Emily says if Rory likes the bowl she should put a Post-It Note on it afterwards. Rory gives a snooty "I might just do that" head-bob. Silent mouth-gape from Lorelai. Silent smile and nod from Emily. Silent smile and head-lowering from Grandpa. Fade to opening credits.

Okay. I missed this show.

Rory and Lorelai hold pads of Post-Its and debate over a giant vase in the living room. Rory comments that this is the strangest evening she's ever spent over there. Emily walks in and asks how they're doing. "Great. Just getting ready for the big day," Lorelai smiles. Emily asks whether there are any special requests for next week's dinner and Lorelai says she needs to talk to her about that. She kicks Rory out of the room. Emily asks if she should sit down. Lorelai says she should: "Oh, but not there. We've got a Post-It on that, and we'd like to keep it nice." Emily responds, "It must be very exhausting to be you," which is a line I like to tell people. I really do love this show. Lorelai explains that next Friday is Rory's birthday and she'd like to move the dinner to Saturday instead. Emily asks whether they already have plans for Rory's birthday. They don't. Emily says she'll throw the party for Rory at her place on Friday. There's a back-and-forth about Friday versus Saturday (including the "the rules were made when you took the loan for Rory's school" argument again) and Lorelai puts her foot down and says that she will have Rory's party at her own house on Friday and that's it.

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