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Louisa's Friar Tuck is fixing her cuticles as Paris is finishing her monologue. You know what's strange about the Chilton Shakespeare Festival? Everyone has to stand and watch the show. And wasn't Paris talking about locations for the piece? Paris drinks the poison vial and chokes. She leans in to kiss Rory, but the drugs are so quick she passes out before her lips reach Rory's. Lorelai and Sookie laugh in the audience, but they cut the line from the teaser where Lorelai says that this play gets funnier every time she sees it.

At the coat check, Sookie says it was all so great and that they should keep doing cultured things like going to museums or playing chess. Lorelai says they can go to Luke's. Sookie: "Even better." Lorelai says she's still pissed off at Luke for being so hot-and-cold to her lately. One minute he's sweet and building her a Chupah and the next he's teasing her about her play-date. Sookie says that Lorelai knows Luke has a thing for her. Lorelai blows it off. Sookie says that Luke's had to watch Lorelai go from one guy to another and then get engaged and then break that off and date a young kid and it's like everyone in the world is better than he is. Sookie says it might be crazy and irrational, but it's there.

Luke's. CuteDean asks Rory if she and Paris actually kissed, or if it was a "stage thing." I'm thinking it was a "censorship thing" and they had to cut Paris and Rory's original kiss. Rory says a lady never kisses and tells. Lorelai tells them to grab a table. She walks over to Luke and asks if he's good at dating. He says he doesn't really have it down since he lives with his nephew. Lorelai says she's not good at it either. She doesn't even really like it. She says that with Max, it was the first time she thought she'd found someone that would always be there for her, and then she realized she was wrong. Luke asks why she's telling him this. Lorelai says she doesn't have many people in her life that are in her life forever that will always be there for her. Rory, Sookie, the entire town, and then Luke. Luke says she does have him. You know, after Cardigan Man and Kirk and the entire town. Luke asks Lorelai to tell him about Romeo and Juliet. They flirt until the episode ends.

No episode next week. My fingers are killing me. Nine weeks in a row? Be careful what you wish for. For real.

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