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Philllipppe, CuteDean, Troilus, Cressida

Lane tells Rory that she's going to be able to attend the Shakespeare performances. I guess this isn't just a class project thing. She says that MamaLane is letting her go. "Trust my mom to turn one of the world's great love stories into a cautionary tale of what happens when children disobey their parents." Lane says she doesn't want to tell her parents about Henry yet, because she's worried it would change their relationship. MamaLane calls Lane, and they get off the phone.

Lorelai walks in and speaks in her Creepy Old Lady voice. She shows off the elaborate headdress that she made for Rory. In what, like, five minutes? Lorelai shouldn't be wasting her talents at the inn. Lorelai runs upstairs because she's late for something. The phone rings; it's Paris. She's on her cell phone, walking through the halls of Chilton. Doesn't that school ever close? And get this -- since there aren't any rehearsal spaces in ALL OF CHILTON, Paris went on the internet and found, where she reserved the room. Now everyone's going an hour away to rehearse in Stars Hollow. Whatever. Nobody owns, by the way. Have at it. Lorelai walks down, looking for her purse that looks like Stalin's head. Rory quickly recaps and worries about Philllipppe being in Stars Hollow. She says she has to tell CuteDean now that she and Philllipppe kissed at that party, because if Phillllipppe sees CuteDean he's going to tell him, and then it'll look like she was keeping it from him, which is exactly what she was doing. Lorelai thinks this is great, having Rory tell CuteDean what happened, because now CuteDean will rush the stage during the performance, slaying Philllipppe. Lorelai tells Rory to rehearse what she's going to say to CuteDean with her so she can have a practice run. "Dean," Rory says. "Rory," Lorelai says in this dumb-boy voice, and it cracks my shit up. Rory says that last year, when they were on a break, there was a party where Philllipppe was, and somehow they ended up in a room together and they kissed. Lorelai asks if they kissed on the hand or the cheek. Rory says it wasn't either. Lorelai asked if he kissed her or if she kissed him. "Kind of both," Rory answers. "When during the break-up?" Rory says it was the night after. "You mean the night after I told you I loved you?" Rory says she's a terrible person for doing that. Lorelai reminds Rory that she said it, not CuteDean, and that she did nothing wrong. She says that this will only hurt CuteDean if she tells him. She'll feel less guilty, but it will screw up their relationship. She says that everything will be fine. Lorelai says she has to go, but she wants to ask one more question. She goes back into her CuteDean voice and says, "Do you think my hair looks cool?" "Bye!" Rory says. "Cuz, you know, some days I wake up and I'm like, 'Cool.' Other days I wake up and I'm like, 'Not so cool.' Like today I got up and I was like, 'Left side cool. Right side not so cool.'" Hee!

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