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Philllipppe, CuteDean, Troilus, Cressida

Miss Patty is going through a cool-down with some hoofing seniors. Paris is upset that it's after eight. Miss Patty says you can't rush a cool-down. Paris says she understands the whole Mystic Pizza thing that this town has going on, but she comes from the big city where time is money and she has a busy schedule to keep. Miss Patty warns Paris to be careful or her face might stick like that. Rory walks up with Louisa and Fraulein. Louisa asks what's up with the cast of Cocoon. Fraulein says that Philllipppe has walked over to the market. Louisa adds, "He needed cigarettes just in case we didn't know that he was bad." Rory excuses herself to go save herself from humiliation. Paris points out to Miss Patty that her students are now asleep.

"Excuse me, stock boy?" Philllipppe has entered the market and has found CuteDean in a very dark corner of the canned goods aisle. They have canned beans near bottled ginger ale for some reason, and that's across from Cheer and Dawn. I guess this market organizes their aisles by pretty packaging. Philllipppe disses CuteDean's apron. He asks CuteDean which flour would make his cakes fluffier. CuteDean asks if he drove all the way out from Hartford to make fun of him. Philllipppe says he's there for Rory. I'd like to take a moment to curse myself for giving these two cute boys long nicknames. Philllipppe tells CuteDean that he's the Romeo to her Juliet. CuteDean tells Philllipppe to leave. Philllipppe drops the flour and breaks the bag. He pulls out his wallet and drops a few bills. "This should cover it," he says. CuteDean tells Philllipppe that, for Rory's sake, he hopes Phillllipppe has an understudy. Rory runs in here a bit too late and breaks up the potential fight. She ushers CuteDean outside.

Outside, Rory apologizes for not telling him earlier. She says that Paris moved the rehearsal here and she didn't have time to tell him. CuteDean asks why she and Philllipppe are thrown together so often. He says he hates it. He really hates it. Rory says that it's just until Sunday, and then she'll be back to "Tristan? Who?" CuteDean softens as Rory apologizes again. CuteDean says she doesn't have anything to be sorry for. Rory says she should have told him about the rehearsal, and she's sorry that No Doubt is touring with U2. They kiss again. Where did CuteDean's good kisses go? What's with all the no-lipped pecking? CuteDean tells Rory he's going to go for a walk, and he needs her to take Philllipppe out of the market while he's gone. "Right away," Rory says. Poor CuteDean. This is the closest they've got to him being like himself this entire season, and I'm already getting tired of him. I'm like a high school girl. I thought CuteDean and I would be together forever, and now I'm totally bored and wondering why I ever hated Philllipppe. He's so cute with the hair and the detention.

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