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Philllipppe, CuteDean, Troilus, Cressida

Luke's. Lorelai finds Rory eating pizza. Rory asks how her date went. Lorelai says he's never seen Ab Fab and he's outdoorsy. His dream vacation is The River Wild minus Kevin Bacon, whereas her dream vacation is Kevin Bacon minus the river. Is that a shout-out? Kevin Bacon was my imaginary boyfriend when I was ten. I'm sure not even Kyra Sedgwick had Kevin Bacon as an imaginary boyfriend. One day she woke up and went, "I'm married to Kevin Bacon. How did that happen? I'm Mrs. Bacon? I'm so keeping my name. Kyra Bacon? No fucking way, people." Lorelai said she had a nice time on her date, and it was fun getting treated date-like. The best part was that it was no big deal. She'll never date him again, but the burrito bit will live on. "I am now officially a casual dater," she says. Rory celebrates by ordering another round of fries from Luke. Lorelai asks how the rehearsal went. Rory says that Louisa acts like she's the priest in a Madonna video, but other than that they aren't half-bad. She tells Lorelai how Philllipppe confronted CuteDean, but she broke it up before anything bad happened and she told him most of the truth without really telling him all of the truth. She asserts that he's fine, though. Luke brings over the plate of fries and asks if Lorelai wants a burger. Lorelai says she'll just have Rory's. Rory orders another burger. Luke says that Lorelai looks fancy. "Do I?" she flirts. "'Cause I feel very casual." CuteDean walks in and sits down. He says he's about to go home for dinner because his mother cooked chicken. Lorelai says that's nice to have a mom who cooks, but she bets CuteDean doesn't have a casual dater for a mom. Rory says she hopes CuteDean's mom isn't a casual dater, on account of her being married and all. CuteDean says he's off tomorrow night, and he thought he'd come by and watch the rehearsal. Rory says that it'd be really boring watching a rehearsal. They don't even know their lines yet. She tells him to just come on Sunday. CuteDean says he'll come to both nights. He'll sit in the back, watch her die, and then walk her home. He asks if it's a big deal. She says it isn't. He pecks her goodbye and leaves. "Oh, yeah," Lorelai says. "He's fine."

Chilton. Rory asks Philllipppe if she can talk to him for a second. They walk over to his locker. Rory tells him that CuteDean is coming to the rehearsal tonight. Philllipppe asks what will happen if there's a run on baked beans. Rory asks him to not say anything about what happened between them. Philllipppe feigns ignorance, and Rory reminds him that they kissed at Fraulein's party. "That was you?" he jokes. Rory tells him to forget it and walks away. He follows her. She says there's no point in talking to him. Philllipppe says he won't tell CuteDean that they kissed, but that he'll find out anyway. He says when CuteDean sees them kiss onstage, he's going to be able to tell it's not the first time they've kissed. It's hard to hide that kind of passion. Rory says things are going well for her and CuteDean, and she'd hate for something she regrets doing to screw it all up. Philllipppe is obviously hurt by her saying the kiss was a giant mistake that she hates. She follows him back to his locker and asks if he's all right. He says that he'll somehow recover from the great romance between Rory and "the Beav." Rory points out that there's lots of drama in his life these days with the car theft and the suspension and all. She says it doesn't seem like him. Philllipppe says she doesn't know him at all. Rory says he didn't used to get caught so much, and that his new friends aren't as smart as he is. Philllipppe excuses himself from the conversation before they have to hug. As the bell rings, Philllipppe turns around to say, "And ask your boyfriend to remind me when it's coupon day, okay?"

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