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Philllipppe, CuteDean, Troilus, Cressida

Rory asks CuteDean to leave. She says that they'll never get finished on this project with him and Philllipppe challenging each other. This project is fifty percent of her final grade and it's important and she doesn't want to be there all night. CuteDean says he doesn't like the way Philllipppe is messing with her. Rory says she doesn't like it either, but they have to get through this. She asks him to please leave. He does, and Philllipppe smirks. CuteDean pecks Rory's lip and tells her to call him later. Philllipppe and CuteDean share one last challenging look. CuteDean leaves. Philllipppe walks over and says, "Now, I noticed you didn't cry when you kissed him. I'm starting to feel a little insecure." Rory says he makes it impossible for anyone to be nice to him. Philllipppe gets a page and bails. Paris follows him, yelling that she's the director and that he can't leave. "Tristan, come back!" Brad shouts as he follows Paris out the door. Rory pouts into commercial.

Luke's. Sookie is very excited about the Shakespeare. She can't remember any of the lines. Lorelai asks Luke to come with them to Chilton. Luke says he can't go, but suggests that Lorelai bring some baseball cards and pass out her phone number while she's there. Lorelai says the ashes of this joke have already been sprinkled on the ground, and to let it rest. Miss Patty walks up and says, "Lorelai! There you are! You naughty, naughty girl." Lorelai says she didn't meet Paul at his bar mitzvah and since she met Paul in Business School, he has to have some level of maturity. Luke points out that Doogie Howser was only sixteen when he was in med school. "Doogie Howser wasn't real," Lorelai says. "How sad for you," Luke counters. Lorelai says one date and she's the female Jerry Lee Lewis. Sookie says that the town just likes to tease. "Plus he did look really young," she adds. Lorelai asks Sookie how she knows what Paul looked like. "Kirk snapped pictures!" Sookie says. Lorelai walks over to Luke's counter for no real reason and asks what's wrong with him. She stands next to Infernal Bootsy. Luke says nothing's wrong. Bootsy says that when he was eighteen, he dated an older lady and she broke his heart. Lorelai says she's sorry for his pain, but she's not dating a younger man. Bootsy says she didn't break up with him; she died. "She was quite old." Thank you, Bootsy. Lorelai asks Luke why he's being mean to her. He says he thinks it's embarrassing, her running around with a kid. Lorelai tries to keep things upbeat, saying she wasn't running around with him and they just had dinner. He tells her to live her life as she pleases and excuses himself back to his work.

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