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Philllipppe, CuteDean, Troilus, Cressida

Okay, so this thing is now the Chilton Shakespeare Festival, which makes no sense. It's been, like, a week and a half and this is an English class, not a drama class. And a festival is one play done in parts by two different classes with different themes? One play is a festival? They computer generated a banner over the Chilton doors and everything. We start with some caveman interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. It's the "But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?" scene. Sookie, CuteDean, Lane, and Lorelai are sneering as Sookie asks, "Are you sure this is Shakespeare?" Rory walks up in her Juliet outfit, and Sookie tells her she looks like a princess. She asks CuteDean to back her up, and he says she looks beautiful. Well, there's a first. Rory brags that Lorelai made the dress. Lorelai adds that she also made the girl inside the dress. "Hello! Gross!" Rory says. Rory says that Act III is starting up. Lane gets nervous because Henry's in that scene. She asks how she looks. Rory says that Lane should probably hold a phone up to her face so Henry will recognize her. Lane runs off to go watch Henry. Paris grabs Rory's arm and says, "I need you."

Out in a hallway, Paris tells Rory that Philllipppe hasn't shown up. They start in twenty minutes and he's not there. I can't believe she didn't recast him last night. You don't have an actor walk out on dress rehearsal. Paris wouldn't have taken that shit. Paris says she's pretty sure that Harvard won't accept students that fail Shakespeare; she doesn't have the numbers on it or anything, but she's pretty secure. Rory says that Philllipppe might be smoking in one of the bathrooms. They split up to check.

Lane watches Henry play Mercutio in business attire. They fight with their cell phones.

Paris is still going on about having Philllipppe as Romeo and how dumb a decision that was. Philllipppe shows up behind them. Paris says they're on in ten minutes. Philllipppe says he can't be in the show because his dad had him pulled out of school. Paris storms off immediately. Why would Philllipppe's dad have him come here to tell his group that? Philllipppe says that he pissed his dad off by breaking into Bowman's dad's safe. Bowman had a key, and it shouldn't have been a big deal, but they tripped the silent alarm. Rory tells him to apologize and explain that he was going through something. Philllipppe says he was going through Bowman's dad's safe. He's getting shipped to military school in North Carolina. In Fort Head. Philllipppe says that Rory's probably happy he's going to be gone. Philllipppe's dad calls him at this point. Philllipppe says he has to go. He says he'd kiss Rory goodbye, but CuteDean's watching. They both look over at him. Rory looks down. Philllipppe says, "Take care of yourself…Mary." Rory smiles and he leaves. Paris stomps by in a wig and Romeo outfit and tells Rory to get going. Whee!

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