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The Day My Maw Got Out Of Prison
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Lorelai and Chris are arriving back at her house after what appears to be (although it pains me to say it) a date. They have gone to see that cinematic masterpiece, Snakes On A Plane. "Let me bottom line it for you," Lorelai says. "Snakes are gross. Snakes are scary and slithery, and do you know where snakes do not belong?" Chris guesses rightly that they do not belong on a plane. "With their gross, no-legged bodies and their scaly, scaly skin..." Lorelai shivers. Chris points out that while he does respect her obvious hatred of snakes, they did have fair warning about what they were going to see. "No!" Lorelai insists. "A movie should not be just its title! Driving Miss Daisy didn't all take place in the car. Dances With Wolves wasn't just one long wolf dance!" She does not appreciate that this film was, in fact, nothing but relentless snakes on the aforementioned plane. I'd like to make a joke about the film, but I didn't see it, so I'll just say that Lorelai's hatred of snakes obviously does not extend to having them on her porch. "This was our fifth bad movie in a row," Christopher says, "it's got to be some kind of record." Lorelai says that clearly, movies have gotten to be really bad. Chris wonders whether it's their fault, that though the films were all different, they were all bad and had but one thing in common. "They were all seen by us!" Lorelai gasps. "Wow! We can never see Casablanca together. I mean, I'm sorry, I don't care how much I love it, I cannot be responsible for ruining Casablanca." Oh, isn't this just all so awfully cute? Is Lauren Graham trying to kill me? The answer is yes, because this soon develops into them joking about how to divide up the movie candy and then they're kissing and I knock myself in the head with the remote and pass out for a second. They have an awkward conversation about whether or not she's ready for him to spend the night – she's not – and they say an awkwardly passionate goodnight.

Lorelai enters her house looking for all the world like a sexed up teenager where she is met by the product of her union with that very guy she was just smooching, Rory. Speaking of awkward, no one is feeling the weirdness more than Rory, and can you blame her? Exactly how many times has this situation ever occurred in real life? Surely we would have seen the headlines by now: "Child Made Legit Twenty-One Years Later!" Uncomfortably, Rory jokes that Lorelai just made it in under curfew. "Is it weird that he didn't come in?" Lorelai asks. "Oh...I saw the guy two days ago, I'm sick of him," Rory pshaws. She says, though, that Chris could come in if he wanted to, and she could make herself scarce. Lorelai says she wouldn't have to do that and they both kind of giggle nervously. "I forget what the protocol is," Rory says, "when your mom is dating your dad." She says that she really doesn't think it would be weird for Chris to stay over, if that's what Lorelai wants. Her mom says that she doesn't know if that's what she wants, but that, maybe, yes, no, maybe she wants it, she doesn't know. They break the tension by sharing some Twizzlers, and Lorelai assures Rory that things are going well between her and Chris. "But, Mom," Rory says, tentative, "I'm really glad things are good between you, but...I just want you to be careful." Lorelai gives her a look. "Is this the safe sex talk?" she asks, as Rory covers her face in embarrassment. Rory says that she just wants her to be careful not to get hurt again. "I am," Lorelai says. "I am being careful."

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