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The Longest Summer

Hey, everybody. We're back. I know you missed your Gilmore fix. First things first. Dear Amy Sherman-Palladino: I love your show. I love your writing. I'm very happy that you're executive producer on your own show. I think it's neat that your husband often directs these episodes. I would like to ask that you no longer direct the episodes, though. You have a tendency to film the actors in a way that makes them look over-painted, tired and dirty. You have strange camera angles that don't follow how our eyes want to go. You have a tendency to lay on the symbolism just a tad thick. Can you please keep writing and executive producing? If you look at the differences between this episode and the next one, you should be able to see what I mean pretty easily. Thanks. Love, Pamie.

Previously on Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Rory are mother and daughter, but they're just like sisters. Rory loved CuteDean. Mustang Max, Rory's teacher, proposed to Lorelai, but she might actually love Luke. "Now a future must be chosen," the announcer tells us. Here we go.

The yellow daisies are still decorating Stars Hollow, so it's just the day after the last episode. Rory tells Lorelai she should get married in Italy. Lorelai doesn't want to keep talking about the wedding she hasn't decided on yet. Rory carries a bundle of yellow daisies. She says that Lorelai should walk down the aisle to some Frank Sinatra and carry a bouquet of something that smells good. "Pot roast," Lorelai offers. ["I carried a cured ham. Ah, memories." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai asks again to change the subject, since she hasn't made up her mind; she doesn't want to fantasize until then. Rory thinks the bridesmaids should pick their own dresses. Lorelai tells Rory that she can't stop thinking about how Archie Bunker would pretend to hang himself whenever Edith was yammering on. Rory says she's done, and that she's taking the bundle of flowers to Lane's. They agree to meet up at Luke's. Rory asks Lorelai to pick up a newspaper for her, and Lorelai jokes that they make her hands black.

I'm so glad they didn't change any of the opening credits. Oh, wait! They added CuteDean and Paris to the opening credits. Huzzah!

Lane and MamaLane are bickering as Rory walks up. Lane asks MamaLane to give her a hint. "Parents should know what their children can handle," MamaLane says. "I'm sorry. Was that the hint?" Lane asks. MamaLane walks off. Lane follows. Rory finds Lane and gives her the flowers. She asks whether Lane's okay. Lane says she's certainly not okay. "Did yout mom find your CD burner?" Rory whispers. Lane says that she's getting shipped to Korea for the summer to stay with her cousins. This doesn't seem to bum Rory out in the slightest. Lane then adds that there's no return date: the ticket is one-way. Rory asks whether Lane's sure. Lane's called the airlines to confirm it, and MamaLane is humming and happy after discussing things with Lane's father all morning. Rory tries to get Lane to calm down, but Lane knows that these are her final moments in America. She says it's going to be just like the Sally Field movie where she goes to look for her daughter. Rory says that Lane's reacting prematurely, and that there's probably a reason she doesn't have a return flight yet -- like a holiday, or an airline mix-up, or a discount rate. Lane shakes her head, and Rory says she'll really miss her. MamaLane sing-songs for Lane to come into the other room. "I have to go," Lane says. She puts her hand on Rory's shoulder and gravely says, "You've been a good friend." Lane walks off stoically. I can't believe Rory's not even upset. ["That was odd." -- Wing Chun]

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