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The Longest Summer

"That man is impossible," Rory says as Lorelai unpacks the Twinkies. Rory is changing clothes in her bedroom, bitching about Richard as Lorelai listens and arranges Twinkies on a plate. Rory says that Richard just freaked out on Dean for nothing out of nowhere and that he's a snob and he doesn't listen. He just says horrible things and you're supposed to just listen and take it. Lorelai says that's caused by a hundred years of inbreeding. Rory sits at the table and says she doesn't know how she'll ever talk to Richard again. She says that Dean must be so upset. "I hate it," she concludes. Lorelai says that Richard was in fine form tonight, but that he loves Rory more than anything in the world. Lorelai says that Richard might have freaked out because of Lorelai and not Rory. She says that Rory is their angel and their Great White Hope. She says the truth is that Rory is going to go to college and graduate high school and they'll get to watch her walk down the aisle with a cap and gown and go to Harvard and graduate with honors and "set the world on fire." But tonight she brought this beautiful boy to the house who likes Rory enough to brave her grandparents and Richard looked at Rory and saw Lorelai again. He saw the possibility that Rory would throw it all away for a boy just like Lorelai did. Rory says that she's not going to get pregnant. Lorelai says she knows that. "He should know that," Rory says. Lorelai agrees, but notes that Rory has Lorelai's eyes. Rory says that Lorelai just spent ten minutes defending Richard. Lorelai says she knows, and that she'll have horrible dreams tonight, but that if Rory promises to cut Richard some slack, Lorelai will wear her Porn Star t-shirt to dinner next week. Hee. Rory agrees. The phone rings.

It's Lane. She's standing next to a gigantic suitcase. She tells Rory that the luggage her parents are providing for her Korea trip would fit both of them and all of their belongings. Rory still has no emotional involvement here (why didn't Lane get to go to the Friday dinner? She's the one who's leaving!). "I'm never coming back," she says.

Richard is yelling at Emily that Rory has no business running around with a boy like CuteDean. Emily asks him to calm down because he's giving her a headache. Richard asks why she invited CuteDean over. Emily says that they told her she could bring someone. He says that Rory sounded like Lorelai when she yelled at him. Emily says that Rory was defending her boyfriend. Richard says that a girl Rory's age shouldn't have a boyfriend. Emily says that a sixteen-year-old girl is going to have a boyfriend. Richard says that Rory shouldn't be tied down to just one boy, and that she should be dating lots of people. Man, my parents tried that same logic on me, telling me I should be dating lots of people. I had to sit them down and explain that we don't do that anymore. It's called "being a slut" and it gives you herpes. Times have changed, people. The phone rings. Emily gets up to answer it. Richard tells her not to. She says she's going to answer the phone. He says they're in the middle of a conversation. Emily answers the phone. It's Sookie. Emily remembers her. Sookie apologizes for calling so late and tells Emily that she's planning a surprise wedding shower for Lorelai and Max and wanted to make sure that they'd be able to come. Emily stops dead in the hallway and listens to Sookie go on about the surprise party. The party will be on Saturday. Emily says she doesn't know yet if she can come. "Okay!" Sookie squeals as she realizes she just had her hand on the burning stovetop. She tells Emily to check on the date as she walks over to the sink and starts running her hand through cold water. Emily says she'll get back to her on the date. Sookie hangs up the phone and tosses it into the sink as she administers first aid to her second-degree burn.

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