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Mad props to Al Lowe for her excellent work last week. She's over at Deadwood now, recapping the polar opposite of this show. Except for the whoring.

Previously, I sent the following email to Al Lowe: "The episode hasn't ended yet, and I missed the first twenty minutes, but that Marry Me, Bill speech had me in tears. I, too, love that song, and always wanted to find a Bill. And then that's such the kind of thing Stee would say to me, letting me call him 'Bill' so that could be our song for one night. And the 'once removed' lecture, Djb just gave me, almost verbatim, a couple of days ago. And Rory pulling Logan into a room, just as Lorelai would have done with Christopher twenty years ago...anyway, I'm having a good time watching a show without having to worry about when I was going to watch it again in slow motion. That's never happened before with this show, and it really makes just watching the show much more enjoyable. Have fun! -p"

And still, here I am. We start exactly the second we left off last week, with the photographer preserving the worst moment in Gilmore history. Lorelai grabs her bag and heads out. Rory follows her, asking if she's okay and if they're okay. Lorelies that everything's great, and that she's just going to leave immediately, before the cake, for no real reason, and don't sweat it, honey, go sleep with that blond boy. Rory is, I believe, wearing the same tie Stee wore at our wedding. Lorelai tells Rory that she should go back in and have fun, since Luke is "just bringing the car around." Once Rory takes off, Lorelai orders a cab. The photographer tells Lorelai he'd love to "get a few more shots in." Lorelai looks at him and says, "Yeah, so would I." She leaves, and the photographer gets his AFTRA card.

This next scene is so dumb that it's tempting to skip it entirely and pretend it never happened. Cesar -- the young, Hispanic one who isn't an older Asian one -- is eating pie and listening to "Tequila," perpetuating the fat, lazy Mexican stereotype. He begs Lorelai not to tell Luke that he's sitting around eating pie, taking naps, and listening to the radio instead of working. All of this is in the service of Lorelai's figuring out that Luke isn't there, and so that Lorelai to judge Cesar for eating pie out of the tins, as if Lorelai doesn't do that every night she stays over, either.

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