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I must say that the teaser on this episode was very misleading. Using old footage of Christopher and the shot from a few weeks ago where Lorelai was crying at Luke's? That's not fair. Don't try to put drama in an episode where there isn't any.

Previously on Gilmore Girls: Jess crashed the car Cute Dean made for Rory back when he was on the show. Emily and Richard couldn't believe that Lorelai couldn't just make it work with Christopher, so Lorelai told them that Christopher is having a baby with his girlfriend. Christopher couldn't believe that Lorelai couldn't just make it work with him, so Lorelai reminded him that he's having a baby with his girlfriend, who is also now his fiancée.

Rory finds Lorelai already working on a project one early weekend morning. Lorelai has gathered up all of the catalogs they get sent to the house and is going to call all of them one by one and cancel the duplicates. She shows Rory just how many they get sent. Would the catalog place even be open on a Saturday or Sunday morning? And if it's nine or ten in Stars Hollow, the places on the West Coast surely aren't open. Okay, I'm just going to let it go. There's no need to be so picky. ["Oh, sure. Lots of them are open twenty-four hours. And around Christmas, they expand their hours so they don't lose even one order." -- Wing Chun] Okay, here. On this Daniel Palladino-penned episode, I'm just going to keep an open mind. I'm going to write without the dark cloud of scowl that usually gathers over my head. I'm going to sit back and enjoy this hour of Gilmore Girls and pretend every minute is consistent, well-written, within the character's plausible traits, and that CuteDean is somehow in the episode, even though I'm starting to forget what he looks like.

Rory points out that Lorelai usually abandons her projects midway, like her "make your own seashell candle" fiasco, or that time she was going to marry Max. Lorelai reads off the labels on each of the eight catalogs sent from one company: "Lorelai Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, Lorelai Rory Gilmore, Lorelai V. Gilmore, Lorelai Victoria Gilmore --" (For those of you still working on that really hard trivia game) -- "Lorelai Gilmo,Lorelai Gil, and Squeegee Beckinheim." See, one time Lorelai lied and said her name was Squeegee Beckinheim just to see how many catalogs she'd get sent. "My name is to catalog companies what Brooke Shields's picture is to Chinese restaurants." Remember the new oath, give a laugh without stopping to wonder what exactly that's supposed to mean, and move on. Rory points out that using fake names to check mailing lists causes even more catalogs to be sent to the house. Lorelai promises that it was unintentional. Rory says that when you start a forest fire unintentionally, it's still your fault. Lorelai can't believe that Rory's equating calling herself Squeegee Beckinheim with starting a forest fire. "It's killing trees," Rory concludes. Lorelai says she's depressed now. Rory hands her the phone and tells her to stop the madness. "That'll cheer you up!" Lorelai starts procrastinating immediately, saying she's bored. Eventually Rory has to pitch in and offers to call half of the companies if Lorelai calls half of them. Lorelai makes Rory do her half first. "Squeegee!" Rory wails to the back of Lorelai's head just before Lorelai runs from the room. If I wasn't just accepting this episode the way it is, I would point out that this really long pause here while Rory pouts at the table is an awkward way to end the scene. Kind of a "Well, I'll just end it here, I guess," half-assed thing. But I'm supposed to love this week's episode, right? So...delicious pause while Rory reads over the catalogs and pouts that she's somehow been roped into doing Lorelai's work. This would be much easier if there was a font called "Sarcastic" that all of you recognized. Then I could recap this like it was perfect, use the Sarcastic font and I wouldn't exactly be breaking my new oath.

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