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Previously on Gilmore Girls, we learned that Richard's mother Lorelai isn't Emily's favorite person. Rory and CuteDean broke up, so Rory and Jess started kissing. We met Francie, the hot shot Chiltonite who hates Paris and wants to run the Student Council. Rory apologized to CuteDean 3.0, who then said he hoped one day he won't hate her.

We start on a wintry scene in Stars Hollow. Rory, Lorelai, and Lane wander through the town square. We find out that Lorelai allows Lane to practice in her garage, under the condition that Lane will never pose naked on the cover of Rolling Stone. Lane promises, and tells Lorelai that she loves her. Lane asks Rory if she knows how great her mother is. Rory forgot that fact this morning, since Lorelai took up all of the hot water during her incredibly long shower. The subject abruptly shifts to the Winter Carnival without anyone's actually making a joke about Lorelai using up all of the hot water. Lane has to go to the carnival this year because the school's marching band is raising money. Lorelai marvels at all of the bands Lane is in: "Marching band! Rock band!" She then trails off, because there are no more bands, and it's not really all that much to marvel at. "Music is my life," says Lane, saving her. Lorelai pretends to see MamaLane, which jolts Lane back to reality. Lorelai hopes that the marching band is raising money for new uniforms. They're raising money for letters to put on a banner, so that when they march, people will know who they are. Lane says the powers that be think that they don't win awards because nobody knows who they are, and not because they suck. She asks what's wrong with their uniforms. "Nothing," Lorelai says quickly, with much guilt. "We look stupid, right?" Lane asks. "The plumes are too big and it looks like big red fountains of blood spurting out of our heads." Lane gets all bent out of shape and tells Lorelai that the uniforms are mandatory and that she doesn't deserve to get mocked for them. Lorelai tells Rory to remind Lane about the rehearsals in the garage. Rory plays the peacemaker, but then makes another comment about Lorelai using all of the hot water. Lane wants to go back to the band uniforms, though, and asks on a scale of one to ten, how much she should not want Dave to see her in hers. Rory and Lorelai say in unison: "Ten." Lane thanks them, they round the corner to Luke's and we fade to opening credits.

This show was off the air for six weeks. I'm past getting excited to see a new one, and I'm spending most of my time wondering what month we're supposed to be in, since this episode was originally supposed to air in December and then it got pulled at the last minute without warning.

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