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Luke's mad. When Lorelai told him that she slept with Christopher, he didn't bother responding. Rather, his face went through nine or ten stages of grief, he charged directly back to his truck and took off. Hmm. What would make a man feel better after finding out that his fiancée has done the dirty with the ONE MAN who could really ruin everything? "Well," you're saying, "he could punch that guy in the face." Which is exactly what Luke does. Oh, the sweet, sweet satisfaction when Christopher opens his door to find Luke standing there and, without preamble, receives a Jersey handshake right to the schnozz. How I loved it.

Lorelai, meanwhile, is up early, waiting impatiently for Rory to wake up and have breakfast, which she has prepared. Herself. With her own hands. Breakfast. Lorelai. Coffee AND waffles! Rory is also surprised. "I got up early this morning," Lorelai says to her daughter's shock, "and I thought, 'What better way to pass my time than make some of my famous, homemade waffles?'" Rory plays along: "I can't believe I forgot about your homemade waffles, seeing how famous they are." Lorelai nods: "Infamous, really." She goes on to say that, initially, on waking early, she couldn't decide how to pass the time "until my one and only offspring, the fruit of my loins..." --Rory interrupts, telling her it's to early for mention of "loins," but Lorelai goes on -- "loin fruit that she is, straggled out of bed." But then, Lorelai says, she asked herself, "WWTBFCD?" Rory squints as she translates: "What would The Barefoot Contessa do?" Right, Lorelai says. Rory has to break it to Lorelai that "barefoot" is one word. "Shut up, loin fruit," Lorelai shoots back.

Lorelai then asks what made Rory sleep in so late: "Are you just sleepy, or has last night's 'my boyfriend gave me a love rocket' elation worn off?" Rory says that the love rocketness has worn off slightly, and tells her mother about her conversation with Logan and the visit he's planning for Christmas. Lorelai looks suitably disappointed for her, but Rory -- GET THIS -- actually reacts with maturity and selflessness. I know. Read it again! She did! For once, Rory, don't shut up! "I get it," says Rory. "He is starting his first real job. He needs time to adjust and focus. It's good that he's trying to be a grownup, so now I'm trying to be a grownup. So why am I going to be all pouty?" Lorelai, naturally, has no concept of such a course of reasonable thinking, but is supportive...

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